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You know, sometimes I wonder what kind of people my fellow nursing students were when they were in high school! We have the same career choice, but how close do we resemble in personalities? For example, I was always a tomboy... Read More

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    I was the slacker/outcast who skipped school 2-3 days per week. My other slacker friends didn't know that I maintained a 4.0 only going to school 2 days a week. They were all failing and dropping out. Whoops!

    I turned into a college drop out though and then, got really into fitness (competitions) and became a personal trainer.

    My 25 year reunion is in 2013. I'd love to go back and show them how amazing I am now.

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    I was the trivia queen who knew a lot of stuff but got mostly mediocre grades except in my half-credit art course (my only true elective in the college prep course), AP English, and East Asian history (this in the run-up to the Vietnam war-- boy, did I learn even more reasons why that was a stupid idea). I had very long hair before it was fashionable and thought I was fat and ugly. When I told my husband that he pulled out my graduation picture and said, "Look at that. You were beautiful. You ARE beautiful." Nobody had ever told me that before him.

    But now I really am fat, the better to cuddle my grandchildren
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    I went to small private schools most of my life so the social dynamic was a little bit different for me than most. But I was pretty much the girl who floated around to all the cliques and got along with pretty much everyone.

    I was a nerd and everyone knew it, but I cared way more about socializing and having fun and all those typical teenage girl things, so I just kind of floated around. People thought I did much better in school than I actually did, because I aced every test. Too bad I think I did homework maybe twice the entire time.

    And then I met my now husband and became the girl that spent all her time with her boyfriend. And then I became the Pregnant Girl. And all that job school fun went out the window
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    I was the class clown...that is...when I was in school. I ditched a lot. I did awful in school and am surprised I graduated. I think I had a 1.33 GPA. College on the other hand was different. I still ditched classes a lot but I was able to pass and maintain decent grades. I even made honor roll a few times. I'm must better at self study. I get bored int he class room. I used high school more to socialize...I had tons of friends. Even hung out with a few of my teachers.
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    Popular, skipped school to go shopping in the city with my friends. Never had to study to pass but if I wanted an A I'd study- but that was rare. I was there to socialize. I'd come home on time then jump out my window and meet up with friends or part my car at the end of the driveway so my mom wouldn't hear my starting my car!! Fun times!
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    I was the theatre geek who wanted to be on Broadway (except I can't sing or dance). I was very smart but got bullied for it in elementary and middle school, so high school was all about boys for me- made a lot of dumb choices involving guys. Didn't have many friends; I was kind of a ***** and a lot of people thought I was a skank. I had all honors classes but I did not care enough to pull down the grades for it or take advantage of opportunities it could offer me. I really didn't like myself and started down a path that I didn't get off of until the year I graduated college. That's when I finally began turning things around.
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    I was Suzy High school, member of the marching band, theater, softball, managed boys' diving. I was never student council president or prom queen or anything but enjoyed where I was in the middle of the pack, Loved high school! LOL I was going to be a veterinarian actually and took all the necessary science classes. I've always loved science.

    I had ZERO desire to be a nurse then. I didn't come to nursing til I was married and had a child, I'll be just past my 31st birthday when I graduate Dec 2013. My high school self would have thought this was the absolute worst career and now I can't imagine doing anything else, I was born to do this. I just didn't know it til I was in my late 20s
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    I was called to the office for truancy every year since jr high, but was never punished for it b/c I was always on the honor roll. I NEVER studied, besides a few times (and I was drunk when I did my homework). I was known as a partier, and everyone that seen my report card was shocked that I didn't get F's. 95% of the time that I missed school was either due to hangovers or due to the fact that I was actively getting wasted. I had a horrible reputation since I was 13 and no parents would let their kids hang out with me. I did not fit into any cliques, and was a loner (besides when I was drunk). My best friends could not trust me with their boyfriends. I did not not know what I wanted to do with my life but knew that "I absolutely would never want to work in the health care field". Everyone thought that I would end up in jail or dead.

    Fast foward to now and I am a young adult, married, have a son, have never missed a college class, and actually study. I have not drank, smoked, or taken drugs in 3 and a half years. Learned a lot from my mistakes. My mom says that everyone in town asks her about me and they don't believe that I am doing so well.
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    It wasn't like decades ago like some people on this board.. I'm a millenial so it's not that long ago

    I hung out with sporty, middle-of-the-road people... maybe even goody-two-shoes lol. I had no idea that three of them were going to be valedictorians (4-5 the year I graduated). I thought they were more closer to me in GPA (not these inflated 4.5 or whatever, never talked about it). One of my best friends was on the varsity tennis team with me, I liked everyone on the team. Exercise was a big deal for all of them and they were all in some kind of sport like me liking health (volleyball, tennis, soccer, swimming ect.). When hanging out we would go swimming, play tennis, play pool, go to the park, go walking, go shopping, go to music concerts, go to dances, go to the movies, go to each other's houses. We were all thin, decent looking imo. I pretty much stayed with the same group my entire time there, close knit, but knew other people too and spent time with them, just not a part of that "clique." I wanted to get involved with student council, but didn't. Had a boyfriend who I was going to go to prom with junior year who was head over heels for me and then I dumped him (ouch, that was not very nice , but I don't apologize really it had to happen). They didn't really like him lol (I found out afterwards) and I stopped it because he was all musical, no drive like me, not athletic, not happy, and we really didn't have anything in common so... I think it was a good choice to end it

    I went to prom my senior year with a different guy and as part of a friend group (around 10ish?) who almost all had dates too (a couple people didn't). All in all I think it was good, but I could have been more disciplined like my friends were who got a lot of scholarships and nearly all went to state directly afterwards, I bet some had full rides with them 100% paying for it.

    Quote from Dezy
    You know, sometimes I wonder what kind of people my fellow nursing students were when they were in high school! We have the same career choice, but how close do we resemble in personalities?For example I was always a tomboy and I kinda found my place with he underdogs, eccentrics geeks. :P. I was more into art and writting... Heh now I'm the opposite, I'm into fitness and health XD
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    Hmmm I was kinda a lot of things..I played a ton of sports at first but then discovered partying was much more fun I was a pretty big partier and trouble-maker but that didn't last long..

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