When does/did your semester end and how did you do?

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    My semester officially ended today and I passed NUR 125 with a B- and NUR 115 (Pharm) with a B.

    So, how did you do?
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    Great job! Pharm can be difficult so kudos!! I haven't gotten my final grades.

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    I finished a week ago and these were my phone grades:

    Foundations in Nursing (theory, clinical, communications combined) - B
    Math for Nurses (dosage calcs etc) - B
    Sociology (not related to nursing program) - A
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    My first nursing semester ended on the 6th.

    Here were my grades:
    Foundations of Nursing--B
    Health Assessment--B
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    My 2nd semester ended a week ago. I finished my mental health and medsurg I courses. Both had lecture, lab and clinical and I received B's in both and I'm very pleased
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    4 A's and 1 B
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    My semester ends tomorrow as of Monday just past I had two A's.
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    My semester ended a little over a week ago. Made a B in Med Surge 2 and a B is psychiatric nursing. Only two more semesters to go!!!
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    Mine ended Monday the 16th. Last semester here I come!!!!

    1st 7.5 weeks I had med surg 2= A

    2nd 7.5 weeks I had peds=A-
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    I had my last final today. We don't have any official grades yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm getting an A in everything, maybe an A- in one of the classes (Nursing Arts and Sciences) but I won't know until she posts my participation grade so I can do the calculation.

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