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Of all the classes you've taken, which was the hardest? and what helped you to pass it? Determination? Hard work? Encouragement? Luckily, you passed that specific class! Both Nursing and Pre-nursing can respond! Sent from my... Read More

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    Anything with chemistry involved. Even the chemistry chapters in A and P had me lost.
    Then of course biochem and organic chemistry. Ugh!!! Have no idea how I even passed.

    Pharmacology was a bit of a blur, but I don't think it was nearly as bad as chem.

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    A&P was hands down the worst! I had to take it twice for a B! I met a friend in class that taught me how to study. B4 this class I could just read the chapters and get B's & A's.
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    pharmacology. we had to teach ourselves. :| but in prenursing... micro lab. holy cow I was lost in that lab lol.
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    Pre-nursing: Microbiology. *shudder*

    Nursing: Pharmacology. *bigger shudder*
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    Hardest, as in hardest to stomach, but not necessarily in content of the material in relation to difficulty: Peds. I HATED Peds with a passion. The clinical nearly made me end (quit) my nursing school career. UGH.

    Hardest class in terms of actual difficulty: Med-surg 1. I got a B+ but I feel like I never found my niche when it came to studying for that class; just kind of played around each week, and there was a test each week so there was never a resting period. Clinical made me question all of my skills, but in the end, each clinical afterward allowed me to make up and correct the shortcomings I discovered in that class. It really brought me down to earth.

    Hardest pre-req: A&P 1. I felt that she made the class harder than it had to be, and she even later admitted to doing so. I made an A, but at the expense of my sanity and health. A&P 2 was much better.

    Most boring: Pharm, and Med-Surg 2. I don't care about bones (ortho) like, at all, and just memorizing a bunch of drugs doesn't do anything for me.

    Most fun: Psych and OB.
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    Undergrad: Organic/ Bio Chemistry. I took it 32 years ago and still have nightmares.
    Grad school: Research Fundamentals - not too many things could entice me to make flashcards, but I actually made flashcards.

    I'm thinking about a DNP - nothing in the program scares me like biochem.
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    Any pediatric nursing topics. (I went to a weird diploma school that had an "integrated" i.e. chopped-up and specially wonky curriculum instead of the reasonable and customary block curriculum "units.") I don't have children. I never was around children. I'm never going to have any children, because I am too old now. I don't like dealing with any children under junior high age, because I don't know how to communicate with little ones. Young children and I justa do not hava no chemistry. I wanted to run, screaming. Babies are only slightly more scary. It's a total mystery to me what other women see in those little humans, LOL!
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    For me, it was medsurg 1&2. I made Bs in both classes, but had to work for them!
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    I think my worst grades would be peds and pharm...
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    Med/Surg 1. It was called NUR 105 where I went. It had fluid/electrolytes, cardio, respiratory, periop, etc. And the 2 instructors were awful and could not teach to save their lives! I somehow managed to get a B but it was the worst experience of my life!

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