What do you so to relax from nursing school?

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    Hey everyone! So I start nursing school on Monday and I am SO excited! I just want the weekend to fly by so I can finally get started! Anyways, I always hear everyone say it's important to have some time to yourself to relax from studying from nursing school, so I decided to buy a book about the Robertson family from Duck Dynasty to read to relax. I thought I would be a fun break now and then from the stress of nursing school :-) What do you guys do to relax?
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    This may seem bad but I watch my shows! On Tuesdays all the dvr'd shows get watched with wine and my cousin right next to me 😄
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    I like to hit up to the gym, and, ashamedly, catch up on my Korean dramas! Haha
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    At first it was some wine and TV on the weekends...as the intensity grew so did my need for escape. I worked out more (every day after class); baked cookies, cakes, etc.; played computer and video games, read fiction novels, took a bubble bath, complain to anyone and everyone that would listen.

    You'll find your own de-stressors and learn about some good ones while in the program. My best advice to anyone is to spend one day a week for yourself and not even think, look at, study anything related to school.

    Good luck!!!
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    Haha, I think you should find something else to relax with, you'll already be doing a ton of reading . I would sleep in and take naps as much as I can before any other things. Sleep is my most relaxing activity. Aside from that, I would play some video games or go to luncheons/dinners with nursing classmates to relax and relieve some stress. It's pretty cool to hangout with your classmates and find out more about them aside from their nursing personality.
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    I play so much candy crush...but every time I look up, all of my fellow students are as well so I don't feel too badly about it.
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    I love working out, it has a few benefits. It releases stress, it gets those endorphins running to stay motivated and happy, and it helps me looking good because we all know eating and studying goes hand in hand!
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    Depends on the day, but either running on a good day, or wine on a bad day.
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    Video games! Nothing like blowing (virtual) stuff up for stress relief...
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    I knit
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