What do you wear under scrubs?

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    I'm mostly talking about t-shirts, but if you have underwear recommendations I'm listening LOL I'm scrub-clueless...

    Anyway, I'm someone who's ALWAYS hot. I wear a 3x (and shopping for plus-size scrubs is meh), and I'm pretty much always sweating to some degree. I live for A/C in the summer.

    That being said, I'm taking a phlebotomy course this summer prior to starting LPN clinicals this fall. I don't know what kind of facility I will be working in, although I do find most hospitals a bit chilly.

    How should I layer?

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    I wore tank tops or short sleeve t-shirts under scrub tops. I'm more hot natured as well. Check to make sure you don't have a specific dress code to follow. :-)
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    I bought a pack of men's white hanes tee shirts to go under my scrubs. They are lightweight, inexpensive and I like that they cover when I bend down, so patients don't get a look down my scrub top!
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    I don't wear scrubs but I read in another post about old navy v neck t shirts. I wear them in my personal life and they are great. I really like the length on them.
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    For me, it depends on the environment. I always assume I'm going to be cold and wear a long sleeved t-shirt the first time I go someplace. But, if it's a place where I know I'm usually warm, I either wear a tank or nothing but a bra (as long as my scrub top is high at the neck).
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    I'm always hot so I never wear any type of short under my scrubs.
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    Quote from aubgurl
    I'm always hot so I never wear any type of short under my scrubs.
    That should be shirt. The keyboard on the iPhone is tiny
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    Quote from aubgurl

    That should be shirt. The keyboard on the iPhone is tiny
    Agreed! Always running around! Even in winter I ne'er wear any long sleeve shirts underneath my top but I ALWAYS wear a tank top!
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    I don't wear a shirt under my scrubs, I'm too hot, the facilities are too hot, I do not need extra clothing on. I only wear cherokee scrub tops with the knit insert on the sides. they are long enough to never ride up on me. I also never wear smooth underwear, only cotton, otherwise my pants seem to slip down while walking.
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    I've always worn tank tops under my scrubs and plan to do the same in nursing school. Our scrubs will have a zipper, so I'll definitely be doing the same since the awful thought of a patient unzipping the top!
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