Were you guys allowed the use of a calculator when you took your dosage test?

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    The nursing program at my school does not allow the use of a calculator.I find this extremely ridiculous, since you have to get all 10 questions correct without one. Did your school allow calculators?
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    Our school just started allowing calculators. My first couple of calculation test we were not allowed and they were 20 questions, had to get 18. Which a large amount of us passed. It can be done.
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    Yes we are allowed to use calculators, We get 10 questions at thirty minutes. Without a calculator I could do the math but it probably would take me longer.
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    We were allowed to as well. Every semester the amount of questions and time are different.
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    We were allowed to have one, reason being any nurse on the floor has access to a calculator...
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    The school provides calculators to use on the tests.
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    Nope, and we had an hour to do 25 questions with lots of long division...
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    Quote from seconddegreebsn
    Nope, and we had an hour to do 25 questions with lots of long division...
    Lame. Real life has calculators.
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    Nope, we had about 20 questions we had to get 100% on.

    It's a beautiful day to save lives.
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    I agree... BOTH real life and NCLEX (NCLEX calculator on their system) allow simple calculators... schools should too...
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