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This may seem like a dumb/trivial question, but how many of you gained or lost weight from the stress or busyness of nursing school? I worked my butt off to lose 55 pounds a few years ago, and I'm curious as to whether or not... Read More

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    It's an audio book system from Amazon. You can buy audio review books and listen to them on your mp3 player.
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    Figured I should answer my own post ;-) Thanks for the suggestions. I guess I just need to stick to my routine and steer clear of the machines and drive through. I've been freezing meals so my family and I can have real food for dinner and I don't have to slave over the stove every night. I drink a lot if smoothies, thanks to the Vitamix I got for my birthday, and I've heard about people freezing them the night before in freezer canning jars and putting them in lunch boxes so they're thawed by lunch.
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    Freezing meals ahead is a great idea. We've done it for years.

    You can also keep a supply of hardboiled eggs handy, healthful high fiber cereal in measured out baggies
    that taste good without any milk to munch, Luna and MoJo bars are good, nutritious, high fiber and filling
    solutions. I get our bars from drugstore.com If you buy $25 worth of stuff, it's postage free, with the exception
    of a few things they sell.

    Baggies of cut-up fresh and dehydrated fruits and veggies, V-8 juice, bites of cheese with a reusable cup of mustard dip,
    hidden valley, honey mustard, or peanut butter. Add a baggie of pretzels, crackers, etc. and you're set to

    Instant oatmeal (I use the WW kind of Quaker) with some added dried cherries, cranberries, raisins, or dates
    for added sweetness.) Just a FEW though, or the results can be deadly!
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    I've gained about 40 pounds in two years. Which was shocking to me because I've never had trouble with my weight. I have a bachelors degree from another field and I never even so much as gained the freshman 15 in 4 years. Sucks but there it is.
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    Another wonderful tool is the crock pot. You can throw something together in the AM, turn it on low and it's done by dinner. I struggle a lot right around the time I get home from school, so this helps me eat what I should, not what's handy.
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    I started to gain but put a stop on it by doing P90X 4-5 times a week in the basement (no gym commute needed) and tracking what I eat through the myfitnesspal app. I also try to shop smart and keep healthy snacks in my bag.
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    I was sooo cute before nursing school. Nursing school aged me and I put on 15 pounds. I was determined to lose it after my BSN. Now I'm working full time and in a masters program. I just finished my first semester towards my MSN, and it ended up being too much. I had to drop a few classes. I'm determined to get this 15 pounds off. I was a runner before nursing school, and I'm committed to shutting my pie hole and getting on a treadmill! I'll get my swag back.
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    Enrolling in a nursing school made me lose my weight because I found our activities really stressful because after duty, I still need to do a lot of paper works ( NCP’s, reports and etc)!
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    Well, I can report that after my first semester I managed to gain 16 lbs. Never thought it could happen to me but it did. Why? Clinicals made me tired but didn't burn off any calories. And, my hubby just cannot cook healthy meals. Everyone in the family gained weight. We're all taking it off now, and I will spend the last week before the semester starts cooking and freezing meals. It will not happen again!
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    Ugh. I wish I had been smarter and able to keep the weight off but 3 semesters in (only 1 to go!) I've gained the 30 lbs I worked so hard to lose before starting the program. I am trying to work really hard to watch my intake and absolutely increase my exercise so I can look cute in all the graduation pics coming up. LOL. Gotta have something for motivation right?!

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