Transportation woes for nursing students

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    Granted some college students can afford a car but not all can. For those who do not have a car, how do you cope with transportation?

    What's going to be the first thing you purchase after graduation/job?

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    I can tell you what a classmate of mine did. He had a car but he was too cheap to drive it because his choice of car used too much gas. So, he just mooched off of everyone else for the entire two years and everyone was too nice to ever say anything to him about it. Everyone else took turns driving in their carpools and then, there was him. Never, ever took a turn.
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    Remember you asked.... I'm buying a tummy tuck! Well at least saving for one. Heck after 4 kids I deserve that much. Besides I have a new car now. Then a new house. I own one now but I would like to upgrade.
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    The first thing I am buying once I graduate nursing school is a bribe to find a job as a new grad!
    Then I'm buying off my debt: student loans, evictions, tickets for a car I owned but never drove because I commute by bicycle, my ex's unpaid bills, etc...
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    My mother went through ASN nursing school, while my brother and I were just preschoolers. At times, my dad was able to take her to school and clinicals. However, there were times when she had to take public transportation--sometimes it would take about an hour or two just to get to her clinical site. And yes, the clinicals were very early in the morning. I'm proud of my mom for achieving and enduring all the obstacles she had to face, just to pass nursing school, and the NCLEX. English is not her first language, although she knew some back in her home country. Nevertheless, she was able to pass the NCLEX exam with one try.

    This is just to inspire people, that yes, it is tough, but it is not impossible to get through nursing school.

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    I own a car, but I hate driving. I get to class and most clinicals through a combination of public and university transportation
    and bicycle, and I'll only drive if absolutely, absolutely necessary.

    I'm not sure why other forms of transportation are looked down upon- walking and bicycling are a good way
    to get in exercise (aren't we trying to promote health?) and public transport can cut down on costs and stresses
    associated with owning a car. I also like taking the bus after being on the floor all day, as I don't have to endanger
    myself and others with my fatigue.

    I know not everyone in the country lives in a densely populated area (hello suburbs), but it's another option to consider for those that do.
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    Thats the first thing I bought when I graduated. But i literally ran my other car into the ground and I never knew if it would start or not.
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    very inspirational, Panjia! thanks for sharing!
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    You sound exasperated by all this, may I strongly suggest a financial counselor assisting you with a sound "fun-nancial" plan to help balance all your responsibilities? In 2-5 years you should be seeing the light nearing the end of the tunnel.

    Eastern, NC
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    I remember when I graduated from Nursing school. Clinical days were difficult especially living in the city. I remember my first bus (MTA) ride back to the dorm from St. Joseph's Hospital in Balto. A little country bumpkin at 19 years not knowing anything and of course gotten lost. I landed in the middle of what they called than "The Block"! Scared to death there was a near-by police station. I remember going in say that I was lost (feeling silly) because I could not see/find the Bromo Seltzer Tower (Any of you that know Balto.).
    Years later I did not purchase my first vehicle until I was 25 because I was afraid of driving in the city. The MTA had gotten easier and my choice of travel in the city. The first thing I bought was a good meal, grocery,my sister a new dress (she was my stay at home Mom for my son) and a new pair of shoes. I wear the old ones completely out.
    Eastern, NC

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