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    I start school in August. What would be your top ten things to buy before school starts in relation to school supplies. Not nursing essentials like BP cuff etc...just for studying and organization purposes. Thanks y'all

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    Printer paper, ink and highlighters!
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    Pen light, multicolor pens, ALOT of printer pper and ink lol
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    For both clinicals and work, I keep one of those organizer things in my pocket with a multicolor pen (because I keep my cheat sheet color coded), a sharpie, a highlighter, penlight, and bandage scissors. In various other pockets I keep my stethoscope (because I hate keeping it around my neck), my own pulse ox, saline flushes, alcohol wipes, and tape. Alongside my name badge and wrist watch, I feel completely naked and lost without all these things on me when I start a shift :P
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    As stated previously, about a truckload worth of Red Sequoia Trunks to have enough paper and Plenty of printer ink! Lol!

    I've mustered so many trees on nursing school that I plan to donate heavily to the Arbor Day foundation when I graduate! Lolz! Other helpful items I picked up along the way.

    Smart phone - So worth it. Get an IPhone if you can, I did in my second semester and it saved me. Our school allows us to use our phones in clinical as a clinical reference/tool to cut down in the amount of junk we have to drag to our host floor, which has limited space. If you can't swing an iPhone invest in a prepaid smart phone with straighttalk for $45/month. Everyone in our class has a smartphone (75% iPhones) and they have saved our lives on more than one occasion.

    Med-Surg Nursing Demystified: saves time when you need quick and more simple summary of lecture/reading material. Whole series of nursing books, including fundamentals and pharm etc... All are awesome! Med-Surg Helps over all.

    Sticky Notes- if your not a big note taker you can stick important points and reminders right in your book where the info is located.

    Highlighters and Multicolored pens.
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    Dry erase markers (you'll find your clinical sites are probably going to hourly rounding with dry erase boards to mark your initials - half the time the markers are missing out of the rooms and your co-assigned nurse will love you if you whip one out for them - helps you make friends)...same with a sharpie for marking everything from IV bags with stuff mixed in, to test strip vials in the accucheck machines as well as having a pencil of choice, and a black and red pen (or a multicolored click pen)...also invest in a good date book, a decent smartphone (Iphone or Samsung Galaxy SIII or IV) for reference manuals that you don't have to drag to clinical...
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    Paper and ink! For the hundredth time

    Highlighters! So many highlighter. A tiny cheap calculator. Lots and lots of pens. A planner with lots of writing space. A hole punch. Good shoes. Some sort of "smart device."
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    A really good planner. Time management is so important and crucial for your success in school.. My favorite is the uncalendar.
    Uncalendar - Home Page
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    A sense of humor, patience and humility!
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    Liquor! Just kidding! One of my favorite things I bought was laser print that prints on both sides of the paper. It also has a scanner and a printer built in. My school won't allow nursing students to print anything in the computer labs so it has saved me!

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