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Hi all,:wavey: I'm currently a sophomore in a BSN program. I will be 20 years old this march. I went straight from high school to my college and started prerecs, got accepted into NS first try and now I'm almost done with my... Read More

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    I don't think that's young at all. I started nursing school at 18. I still live with my parents because I literally am completely broke. All of my money goes towards tuition, textbooks, and gas. Back in our parents day, not very many people went to college to begin with. That's why a lot of older adults are just going to nursing school now. Not many people understood the value of post-secondary education. Times are different now and kids are making the decision to go to college and expand on their education.

    You're not too young, you're smart.
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    First off, congratz on nearly completing your first year! I started an ADN program out of high school, and I'm graduating this Spring; so I'll be a 20-year old RN. My coworkers marvel that I'll be able to give narcotics before I can buy alcohol Best of luck through your schooling.
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    In my opinion, it doesn't matter how old you are, its a matter of how mature you are. I basically went through Nursing school similar to your situation. I was among the youngest in our group, straight out of high school. I was also one of the few guys in the program. I didn't work and I lived with my parents. Sometimes I felt insecure that I had things very easy/convenient and that I didn't have to work or pay for my tuition or take care of any children which some of my classmates were doing. Sometimes they would joke around say that I didn't have any responsibilities and that's the reason why I had so much time to study and get really high marks. It slightly makes me annoyed because Nursing school can be a full time endeavor and definitely time consuming, and its not my fault that I want to be fully committed to what I'm doing. I didn't want to work in the first place because I wanted to focus on my studies and I kinda enjoyed Nursing school. So I was very fortunate to have that luxury.

    Not having to work or have extra obligations pushed me to to strive really hard. I set my standards very high because to be honest, there's no reason why I wouldn't excel - having totally focused in my studies without any distractions. I graduated last year having the top gpa in my class and I was also the class President. I recently got a position at a hospital and I am only 22. I currently work alongside nurses who have been in the field longer than my existence.
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    I feel you are in a great position getting your education at such a young age. I did the same thing bachelors then started my pre reqs at 22 and graduated 26 and lots of people were jealous telling me to to not rush school because i have my whole life etc. Most adults would love to be in your situation no kids,getting a RN license and be in a position to lead and not be led.Continue on your on the right track.
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    All I can say is that I wish I did this right out of high school. You are doing the right thing so keep moving on! Nursing school is hard, whether you're home with your parents or have 3 kids at home, work, and have more "life experience" than you know what to do with. Some people will always try to make you feel like they are worse off or that they are working 10x's harder than you to reach the same goal. At the end of the day, we all have to get through this. So keep your head up and keep moving on. A lot of my classmates still live at home or are just starting out on their own and don't have kids yet and the one's that do have kids, their kids have grown and they are returning to school but we are all working toward the same goal and will struggle just the same. Most of my instructors started right out of high school and one of my best friends in school had a baby at 17 and went right to nursing school, these are some of the best nurses I have ever known. I can't even tell you what I was doing at your age but I can tell you that I though I knew it all and had seen it all. I know now that most of my "life experience" will come from nursing and that you are much, much wiser than I was. Best of luck!
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    I just started nursing school and I'm 19. My little brother is 16 and is in an LPN program through our local public school system. His program is the best LPN program in the area; their grads typically get first dibs on every LTC and VA LPN job. Those kids are LPNs at the time of their high school graduation... So I definitely don't think 18 is too young.
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    Quote from futuresctRN
    Hi all,

    I'm currently a sophomore in a BSN program. I will be 20 years old this march. I went straight from high school to my college and started prerecs, got accepted into NS first try and now I'm almost done with my first year of nursing school. I'm currently volunteering, but the only "real" job that I've ever had is fast food. I still live with my parents for now, to save money. We aren't rich by any means but they try their best to support me. I choose not to work during the school year because I know myself that it would be difficult for me to keep up with the program if I worked. I don't have my own car because I can't afford one... I use one of my parent's. Sometimes they have to give me rides to school and it’s embarrassing because everyone else has their own cars and are on their own.

    I can't afford a car because I don't work except for summers but that's what I chose to do because It's how I'm getting through the program.

    My question is... am I too young/inexperienced to be in Nursing school? Most of my classmates are older than me, very many with cars and their own homes and children etc, and here i am still at home with my parents helping me get through school so that I can be a nurse. I know for a fact that some of them look down on me because I’m not “independent” and my parents are helping me get through this.

    I even heard a few older students talking and I guess they didn’t realize that I was there, but they said that they wouldn’t let people straight out of high school get into nursing school… they should get out for a few years and be more experienced and then go and be a nurse. How true is this?

    Will I not be as good as a nurse because I am young? Because I don’t have much life experience? Isn’t the fact that I can pass nursing school what really counts? I’ve talked to my friends and parents and they say that it’s best to get it done while you’re young. But I’m insecure and I feel like I’m out of place… and I’m starting to wonder if maybe they're right.
    We are exactly the same! I totally understand how you feel. I went straight to college right hi school and got accepted to NS on the first try. I'm actually the youngest in our class batch.
    Sometimes I can't use my parents car cause they have to use it and I have to ride the bus, or often they drive me to school and wait for them to pick me up after school. Meanwhile, alot of my classmates are older and they have a lot of properties. And they drive themselves anywhere cause they have a car. They look at me weird sometimes.
    I don't really bother myself with their age and the things they have. I will have those sometime soon. And those people saying NS directly from hi school is not good, perhaps they're just jealous. And I don't think it's about experience when you're going to NS it's about the desire and the brain. You're in NS to get experience just like the older ones. I actually see my young start in this career as an advantage.
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    I think people are jealous that you are so young and in nursing school. The fact that you were on top of your studies enough to get into a BSN program and pass your first semester of nursing school tells me that you are definitely mature enough to be in the program. It's unfortunate that your classmates look down at you for receiving help from your parents; so what if you're not independent? I personally admire the fact that you are making sacrifices such as living with your parents, not working during school so you can save money and focus on your studies instead of putting yourself into debt by taking out student loans and perhaps not doing as well academically by working just so you can be "independent." It may be embarrassing to be driven to school by your parents but you're doing what you gotta do. People can have a lot of life experiences even at a young age. I do know that you have worked and that in my eyes counts as life experience, the sacrifices you are enduring will make you appreciate the things you will gain from your career. Don't let these haters make you feel insecure because you're young and on the path to a successful career. You have so much to be proud of already. Not everyone gets into nursing school. Not everyone passes their first semester. Even fewer do it at your age. I work as an ER tech and have worked with some very competent nurses that started their careers at a young age. There are a lot of people who could only dream of being in your position so just try to keep that in mind if you feel insecure. Prove your classmates wrong: keep up the hard work, stay focused, be professional (Since people your age get stereotyped as immature and thinking they know everything at that age) good luck to you!
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    I just want to say that I read this thread whenever i need some encouragment about everything. Thank you to all- you are truly wonderful.
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    Don't listen to what other people say! It's very noble of you to be 20 years old & halfway through nursing school. Half my friends already graduated when I was just starting & they lived at home with their patents as well. How does that make you any less of a nurse as the other students? If you feel in your heart nursing is for you, then suck it up, ignore the stupid remarks & finish school!!
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