They say nursing students are multi-tasker.  Are you? They say nursing students are multi-tasker. Are you? | allnurses

They say nursing students are multi-tasker. Are you?

  1. 31 With all the studying how do you find the time to do anything?

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    I've actually studied flashcards while walking on the treadmill before haha!
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    Three years out of college and you couldn't pay me to go through that again...I was on a D1 sports team so if I wasnt in class I was practicing/working out and studying, often all at once!
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    have done that more than once!!
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    This was just me a few years ago! On the treadmill with flashcards and my Ipod in my ear, bottle of water and towel to the side, with my phone sitting by! Lol
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    Have you studied flash cards while: A) exercising; B;in the restroom, C)on line at the grocery store; D)taped to the kitchen cabinets while cooking or cleaning E) All of the Above?..While in school, my answer was definitely E! I can totally relate!
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    Why do they make a book holder on the read. Why do they put TV on, to watch. Not unusual.
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    Yep, my phone message said, "i am either studying a ton os stuff, playing with my children, or sleeping. I cannot get to the phone, text me if it is important" My callers got the biggest kick out of it. Hey, just being honest!
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    LOL! i used to study and workout at the same time as a student, people thought i was crazy
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    That is me.
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    I've read my textbooks while on the treadmill. I loved it as a way to keep my mind alert. I'm totally thinking of getting a gym membership again just so that I can get more reading done. It is kind of hard to read for an hour or 2 at a time unless my body is moving.
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    I read my text book on thye treadmill before..but that didnt last too long because when i ran my eyes couldnt follow the lines in the book, and when i walk there was no point.