They said it couldn't be done...

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    Let's do something different today ... the following image has an unfinished caption, "They said it couldn't be done..." ... I want you to finish it. It can be humorous, serious, or out of this world. The only requirement is that it is Halloween oriented. I will recreate the image with the best captions and post each one here for all to see. Be creative! I know you can do it!

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    ... so I didn't do it.
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    ... but I showed them.
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    ...but you went from zero to DKA in ten minutes flat.
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    ...but it IS possible to eat too much chocolate!
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    Your Halloween candy from 1986 is NOT still edible. ya know.
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    But the story the last group of teenagers told grossed out a nurse.
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    But you can get a candy hangover.
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    but the teenagers TP'd the entire city in one night
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    but I succeeded in posoining my husband with halloween candy
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