Is there anyone out there that feels this way?

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    So I promise that I'm not starting this post for pats on the back or anything. I'm starting it because I'm genuinely doubting the "awesomeness" of my nursing program.

    I am a month away from completing my ADN program. Everyone always talks about how hard nursing school is, but I feel like I've yet to encounter the "hard" part. Yes, there's a lot of information, but I haven't found any of it to be overly difficult. I spent over $1000 on books and I've opened maybe 3 of them. I came into my program with a 4.0 and so far, I still have it, and not by the skin of my teeth. I've gotten level 3s on every ATI test thrown at me so far. I have not given up any of my social life for school, in fact, I have skipped class to attend one of my children's school functions. I work part time too.

    My program has a very good reputation, but what terrifies me is that I feel like there is something wrong with it - that something is lacking, and I'm going to graduate, and (hopefully) find a job, and reality will hit and I will fail miserably.

    I'm really not trying to rub anything in. I'm not looking for anyone to say; "Oh, you're so lucky," or "You're so smart!" blah, blah, blah. I'm looking for someone else out there to say they feel the same way too...

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    I believe there is a learning curve for ALL new nurses; regardless of how excellent their school is or how easy the program was for them to complete.

    If your program is accredited then you have learned the basics that you need to practice safe nursing and this is all that NCLEX is really after from you as a new nurse.

    I felt a lot like this when I left school and I can tell you that I am learning so much right now(in ICU job) that my head spins most days. I have concluded lately that there is simply no possible way my program could have taught me all there is to learn in nursing.

    I think you will be surprised at much your school is actually teaching you as you have to quickly critically think through things in your job-and I do mean quickly...

    So my only advice is just to focus on learning as much as you can, challenge yourself with extra projects if you need to(I did a lot of in-depth pharm study, started learning ICU jargon and did some tutoring of students in lower semesters)and know that you will be an awesome nurse.

    Reality will hit, it will be harsh and you will love the challenge of it!

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    Quote from peacelover
    If your program is accredited then you have learned the basics that you need to practice safe nursing and this is all that NCLEX is really after from you as a new nurse.
    THIS is great insight for somebody like me who's heading into their program.
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    The hardest part will be when you are out on your own. But congrats for some nursing programs are HELL. Some people are very book smart (which sounds like you are). So they fly right through, I knew someone like that (and she was not such a good nurse at 1st, she basically screwed everything up for a while). I'm not saying that will be you, just being out on your own and experiencing everything on your own will be challenging
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    It may very well be that you were just able to understand the information and make sense of it. Nursing school can be very difficult, but I think a good portion of it is time management and the student's ability to take tests. If you know how tests are made and understand the curve balls, it's not that bad. For some, time management is the issue and things just fall apart. So good job on doing well in school! The next big thing for you to overcome is applying your knowledge on living people. If you understood the information and everything clicked well, you should keep it going and continue your education, and then pass it on to the next generation. See if you can give some pointers to those who are struggling. Offer your tips and let others know what you did differently.
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    You are either in the wrong program that just happens to say Nursing in it's title, the classes are insanely easy, or you are a freak of nature. In any case, I am soooo jealous lol. Don't do what I did and get overconfident/cocky, it only takes one curveball to set your world on fire. Not to mention when you become a nurse you will have to use this stuff that you may be overconfident about. Not to say that is what you are doing, but it was worth pointing out anyway. You are lucky, enjoy it!
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    I am thinking you were well prepared before you started..
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    I get it. I study, I do, but I don't read a lot or reread or go crazy, I just flash card and study but I think a big part of it is understanding how to answer the questions. I study not to pass but to do as well as I can and understand as much as I can before actually nursing. People ask me all the time, "is it hard" and my answer is "it's not difficult it is a lot" there is just a lot of work but not overly tough.
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    I never found nursing school to be that bad. It was stressful at times, but I never struggled. I've been working as an ER nurse for three months now and I get my butt kicked at work pretty much everyday, nursing school and actual nursing are quite a bit different.
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    One thing to consider is that the book-smart can often get tied up in knots when the real critical-thinking-like-a-nurse part becomes more and more prominent in the last semesters of school. We regularly hear from people who did great on prereqs and first / second semester and are stunned to find they are struggling later on. It's different still when they start actual work. Hang on to those books-- you'll find yourself looking things up for awhile.

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