Student Nursing Goals

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    Hello everyone! I was just wondering what goals you might be setting for yourself as a newbie nursing student and, as well, what area of nursing do you think you want to work in when you finish school?
    I plan to study hard and make the most of my student nursing experience. It is my hope and goal to graduate with honors from my ADN program. Not only would I be proud of myself, but I know my family would be so proud of me too! As of this moment I am thinking I would like to work within my community when I finish school. I think community and family health education is very important and this aspect of nursing greatly intrigues me.:kiss

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    Hi Lisa, my path is to do an RN-MSN program and I have a ways to go. I would like to instruct lower level courses someday and also work as a nurse

    Right now I'm also enjoying the journey and meeting many nice people along the way !!

    Good Luck to you!
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    mine is to get my bsn and possibly my msn. my desire is to work in the emergency department while i get my bsn. before my days as an active rn comes to a hault, i want to be don and specifically in ltc. there are other goals that i have and looking forward to the journey of getting there. great topic!
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    "When I grow up I wanna be a midwife"
    Hope I'll get there I'm doing a BSN program and will hoefully finish in spring 2005.
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    My goal is to get through this without losing every ounce of sanity that I have left!!! I'm taking it one day at a time.

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    My goal is to make it through the next few years and pass my NCLEX. By then, I hope I have another goal, but will wait until I do my clinicals to decide what area of nursing I am most interested in. I kept changing my mind so decided to just stay oriented to whatever part of the program I am doing NOW and worry about specializing later.

    I know that sounds vague doesn't it?! Oh well, I am sure it will clear up in time LOL!:roll
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    originally posted by nurseangie
    my goal is to get through this without losing every ounce of sanity that i have left!!! i'm taking it one day at a time.

    hi angie! how did school go this week?
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    Emergency nursing is my definite "goal". Already working in the ED has only reinforced that wish. I can't picture myself working on a med/surg floor, maternity, or anywhere else. Knowing the feeling of the adrenaline rush when a trauma comes through those doors is something that I am not willing to give up any time to soon (maybe when I'm 70!! LOL!).
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    My goal is just to graduate ...... sounds silly, but the director of my program is a little hitler.... Look at her wrong and she'll find a way to get rid of you! (I'm not kidding!) We started with 35 students in Jan 02, and now we are down to 15!! I'm flying below the radar and trying not to cause any waves! I want to eventually work in the ED!
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    My goal is to graduate in the Spring of 2004 with my ADN then go back for my RN-MSN and specialize in Women's Health...that's the goal this week. Another goal of mine is to get some experience in nursing and become a travel nurse, but I'm trying to take it day by day because whatever I do it always seems that "Life happens"


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