Should I retake Anatomy?

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    Hello All!

    I am excited to say I have been accepted into a Nursing program starting in the spring! I have been working on all of my pre-reqs at a Community College so I will only have to take the actual nursing courses once I am there.

    My concern I'm coming across is that I took Anatomy 1 in Spring of 2012 and Anatomy 2 in Fall of 2012. Over a year ago. I am a little worried that the knowledge isn't as fresh in my mind as I would like it to be.

    I did perfectly fine in both courses with a B+ and a C+ respectively. I was wondering if you guys thought it might be better to retake these courses in Nursing School? I am recently unemployed, but have enough financial aid to live off of, so Time and Money are not an issue.

    Would it be a waste of time and I should just stick to the actual nursing courses because everything I will need will be in nursing courses? Or will taking Anatomy again only help me? I'm also concerned if a lot of my fellow nursing students who are also taking Anatomy at the same time as the Nursing courses might have an easier time than I since the information is fresher in their mind.

    I really appreciate your guys' opinion!

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  2. Poll: Should I Retake Anatomy 1 & 2

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    In my honest opinion a C+ is not a good grade for a&p. I would probably retake that course or at least do some serious review on the topics you struggled with. My RN program wouldn't take any grades below a 3.0, and even with my 4.0's I still feel like I could have learned a lot more.
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    Since you've already been accepted to the nursing program then I would no, don't retake it. However, I would get an anatomy review book and do some reviewing. It will come in handy!
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    I have just completed my first semester and I voted no. My rationale? There has already been academic attrition in my class, and it had nothing to do with having forgotten A&P (I took it 3 years ago, with admittedly A's) BUT I will state that taking medical terminology, the gerontology series, and coding helped me remember A&P. The people who have failed did so because they were great at memorizing and terrible with critical thinking. PLUS just regular class, labs and clinical assignments is enough without the burden of another demanding class. Like Aubgurl said, study it on your own. Here I am in winter break, studying for next semester and getting my med math done. You will never memorize the entire book so read on it every day. AND I looked up all those muscles before I gave my first IM injection!
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    Anatomy Coloring Book. No joke. I used that between core classes and nursing classes. Very good refresher.
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    I think doing well in A&P would mean you got A's for both courses.
    I agree with the others. Maybe a refresher like a book or videos on youtube on the most important body systems will help.

    Good luck

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    Quote from MFarina87

    I did perfectly fine in both courses with a B+ and a C+ respectively.
    Are these grades good enough to get you into the community college program you are applying to? (They are not good enough for mine).

    If those grades get you in, then don't retake anything.

    If not, then retake them - or look into other (much more expensive) options for school.
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    I got a C+ in a&p I and I'm halfway through nursing school and doing fine. I took it about 2.5 years prior to starting the program and I reviewed a bit before. I would not retake it. Just review as much as you can.
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    Agree with aubgurl. You are accepted. No reason to retake. Review on your own.
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    Don't retake the class, but definitely refresh yourself on things like kidney anatomy, cardiovascular, etc. The coloring books are awesome!
    I took A&P 2-3 years before I started my program, and I've been fine. I reviewed the systems a bit before, and while studying stuff pertaining to them. The kidneys have been the biggest one for me, especially with regards to various BP meds.

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