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S#!% Nursing Students Say

  1. 4 Our grad committee put this great video together and played it at our graduation party. The entire room was laughing hysterically - I think they nailed it Hope you guys can enjoy and relate!

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    omg. this is my nursing school life in a 9min video.
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    LOL ... pretty accurate
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    yup,that pretty much sums it up. i had to go back and read the maslowhierarchy,classic. lol
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    I'm going to show this in class tomorrow.
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    I've got all my research done, I'll start writing it next week ( a week before its due) . Too true!
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    Love it! almost made me nostalgic for school again. almost.
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    That was beautiful... dead on!
    I cannot believe I survived it all and very proud I did it.
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    That was hysterical.
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    I am only four months out from nursing school and this video gave me the chills. How did I survive that?!
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    Pretty much!
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    Spot on guys. Well done, I'm cracking up over here...and still crying tears of joy after I just found out an hour ago that I survived the toughest semester of my program!!! Countdown to graduation is on!