Random drug tests in nursing school?!

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    Just out of pure curiosity how many of you have underwent a random drug test during your program? Do these happen a lot? Or only when a student is being suspicious? I'm aware of the annual drug screening but not the random ones. Any insight please!!

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    Random ones are better, since you can't prepare for them by abstaining ahead of a known date. Many programs (not just nursing, but also employment settings) that require drug screens make them random for this reason.
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    We had ours set up by the school, and we were informed the day before. I do know one student who was drug tested because she exhibited suspicious activities to the instructor. She was found to be on pain killers due to a leg problem (glad they screened her!)
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    Totally random. They showed up at our class last night actually.
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    I had none at all during school and only one test before starting my job 6 years ago.
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    Quote from loriangel14
    I had none at all during school and only one test before starting my job 6 years ago.
    We have one as part of our preemployment physical, random if thy feel it is warranted, or of we get injured on the job.
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    None. I have never had a drug test for a job or for school.
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    I have to take one in July before school starts. Once we start in the fall, I don't know what will happen. I think random are best. I have heard of people going through extreme measures to not get caught.
    One acquaintance I know who is a CNA somehow purchased clean urine online to take to her drug test so she would have no traces of marijuana in her system. Completely ridiculous.
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    I had a pre-nursing student ask me this in the hallway last semester. My answer: "umm, don't do drugs and you won't have to worry about it"
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    I would check with your program for not all programs require them.

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