Quick Rant.... (sorry in advance)

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    Hi all:

    I am not one to usually get irritated and rant. I am a quiet person that is 99% of the time, very upbeat and happy....

    That being said, I am so irritated with an email we received today from one of our online blended classes (health assessment). We had an assignment due this past Sunday and apparently a lot of people did not do the assignment because the email stated the professor was going to reopen the assignment for those who did not do it and for them to get it done.

    Personally, I feel like that is a little unfair for those of us who are proactive and complete our work on time. This is our first semester and I work full time and still manage to organize myself and get my work done. I even have all A's right now. So for the people who did not turn in the assignment when it was actually due to get another chance just bothers me.

    I know I have other things to worry about and my own grades to keep up, but it's frustrating that I work so hard yet these individuals get a free pass. Maybe it's because we are first semester and they are being easy on us, I don't know.

    Anyway, my little vent session. I know life will not always be fair so I just wanted to rant and get it out of my system. Thanks and goodluck to everyone!!

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    I definitely don't blame you for needing to vent about that! It's very frustrating to see other students who aren't as organized as they should be earn a "free pass" or extension on something they were told to do within a certain time.

    I had a similar situation with an exam recently where the professor decide to give the whole class credit for one question because only 2 people got it right!! Really? So what you're telling me is that it's ok to be unprepared as long as the rest of your class are also unprepared? I'm sorry but I think that myself and the other person who got the question right should be the only ones to get credit for it. Frustrating!!

    But on the upside...at least we have a way to vent about it and get it out of our systems. Best of luck to you!
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    If you do evaluations at the end of the semester, write that down. They are anonymous evaluations so you can write your heart out on your feelings about this. Other people in your class who got it done on time are probably feeling the same way. You are right about life not always being fair.

    Plus, this may be their one oopsie, so they better learn quick so it does not happen again.
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    That has happened before in my class but I don't let it bother me. As long as >I< get my work done on time, I can get more work done while everybody else is trying to do the assignment.
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    I can completely relate. Keep your head up and worry about you and maintaining your As. This has been happening to me and I try not to worry about others but I know it's hard especially when people just want to barely get by... But it's the professors fault.. Just continue doing what your doing!! Keep your head up
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    " the professor decide to give the whole class credit for one question because only 2 people got it right!!"

    If only 2 people got it right, the professor may have felt that the question was misleading especially if a majority of the students picked the same wrong answer.
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    Totally know how you feel! I've been there so many times. You are smart to vent about it and move on. Keep up the good work.
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    I feel where you are coming from because that is how I felt my freshman year when everyone kept failing my teachers exams and got a chance to take them all over and do extra credit to pass. There were times when I felt like I was wasting my time studying when I could just fail my exam take it over and do extra credit
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    Is there some kind of penalty for submitting late? It could very well be that although people are able to submit past the due date, they are being docked marks. That's how it was when I was in school...certain percentage off every day that it was late, max five days late and then it was 0

    Anyways, just focus on you! Dont even worry about other people and what they're doing.
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    LOL - can you say "enabling"? From my perspective as a crusty old bat - it seems like healthcare is rife with people who are absolutely committed to the principle of "Punish the Virtuous". This is just one example. Such as Managers who give the worst assignments to the nurses who will just suck it up and get it done in order to avoid dealing with the whiners and complainers. Or CEOs who establish next year's budget increases based only on the previous one - thereby giving more funding to poorly managed departments. And of course teachers/supervisors who retaliate against the person who dares to speak out about a violation of established policy or lack of equity. . . etc.

    There's very little you (or I) can do to alter other people's entrenched behavioral patterns. But we can commit to recognizing and calling 'foul' when they occur - in the most respectful manner, of course. .
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