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So, I have been reading a lot of the posts in the Nursing section, and have seen the part about how everyone asks for medical advice once they find out you are a nurse. Well, I am a first year nursing STUDENT, and I just had... Read More

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    My aunt told me, "you need to tell your pawpaw how to get his blood pressure up! He passed out!" :| ummm, really? Hello!! All I can do is shake my head. There has been many more..

    One good time though, I was finishing up a&p II lab -taught by a RN- and we learned some patho etc. Anyways, we had just learned about appendicitis and she told us all of this stuff to look for. I get a call that my brother is in the ER and Is in bad pain etc. So I ask about it being curious. I asked about the rebound pain & kept telling them I bet it's appendicitis. No one would listen and kept say no way! I get a call back from my dad saying it IS appendicitis and all I could say is "YES!!" I felt like a butt, but I was totally right and proud of that. Lol my instructor had a good laugh about it. will never understand.. Haha! I'm ready to start nursing school next week! It's going to be exciting, fun, and challenging!

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    When I was a student, I would respond to inquiries w/"We haven't gotten to that part yet". Abt 3 months before graduation, a family member asked me "aren't you graduating any minute now? When will you find out?"

    In the past few years, after being a nurse for a realllly long time, I would say, I only know babies and breastfeeding! Can't help you.

    W/my mother, tho, I got a little better @ discerning her symptoms and would say, "I wonder if you need this test or that one, or more diuretic, or a little more K+, etc. She wouldn't say anything, later I would find out she'd called the doc, and sure enough, I was right. And I bought her a BP cuff; I also bought a little finger sat meter, but she got very unhappy because it was orange.

    Families are sooo much fun!
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    I am currently a LVN student and am a Licensed Phlebotomist. Yes, I do get asked, when in public, first, what do I do, when I say I'm a Licensed Phlebotomist and a LVN student, I get "oh, OK, so I went to my doctor's office today and got labs drawn and almost passed, what does that mean"? in the middle of the produce section at the grocery store!!! I ALWAYS preface, 1, I'm not a doctor, 2, I'm a STUDENT, 3, if it were me, I'd go/call my doctor...what's kind of scary (and funny) is the power of the scrubs!!
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    Please be careful about giving medical advice. You might be seen as "practising medicine without a license." Yes, it is OK to tell people they need to see their doctor, or tell them they need to follow their doctor's recommendations, but diagnosing is not within your scope of practise, unless you have a license to do so.
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    I have friends that randomly ask me about their health issues. I tell them what I think it could be, and follow up with the fact that I'm not a doctor and could not say for sure, so I advise them to go in to see an actual doctor. Most of the time it is something minor, such as a sore throat or burning during urination. If I thought it was something serious, I would advise them to go to the ER. Sometimes friends and family will use the nurse they know as a guide for whether or not they need to go get help NOW.

    Never had a completely random person ask me anything. I also don't wear scrubs outside of work.
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    Most often my advice is: "If you are concerned, go see your doctor. I am not supposed to give medical advice." after a while, people stop asking.
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    Ya I get that a lot too. Really?? I'm a nursing student barely half way through my PN program. Go ask your doctor! Lol
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    Quote from tenjuna
    Uh. Maybe go see your doctor?
    Eeek its all over this thread! Replace "doctor" with "primary care provider".
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    It's weird how it happens when you're in nursing school, but not so much when you graduate. Maybe it's the "go see your doctor" line that makes it stop. I try my best to not let people know I'm a nurse when I first meet them, otherwise I get stuck listening to them talk about how their health "problems" that aren't really problems but just them obsessing about something minor.

    A couple of other things that annoy me is someone telling me that they have a daughter/granddaughter/niece or whatever that's getting ready to go to nursing school and they want me to "talk to her" about it. And say what exactly? The other thing that bugs me is when someone kind of forgets that I"m a nurse and they tell me about a bad experience had and how stupid the nurse was and "I told the nurse off" stories. I try to use them as teaching moments on how to talk to a nurse without being a jerk.
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    Quote from de2013
    Eeek its all over this thread! Replace "doctor" with "primary care provider".
    Not entirely sure what you meant there, but I am guessing it's a politically-correct thing to say kind of thing.

    In the future I will just say "go see the person who will give your dangle a handle"...there everyone wins!


    I am still chuckling about how serious he was about it too. I am guessing he had time to think about how dumb it was since now he is avoiding me like the plague.

    Also, keep in mind that this is one of the same people who gave me the male-nurse stereotypical BS when I first started school 2 years ago. Ah, I just love people, they make me smile.

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