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    Just wanted to express how happy I am about the fall! Orientation was interesting, we are required to wear white smocks with royal blue trim. It used to be royal blue and they changed it. Anyone want to share their orientation experience?
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    Jealous!! Our orientation isn't until June :/ Until then I am working my butt(and wallet) off getting all these darn compliance's completed.
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    My orientation is tomorrow! Can't wait!
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    Mine isn't until May 29th We start classes September 3rd.
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    Mine is may 17th and I am so excited!!!! Ahhh! Best year ever!!!
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    Mine isn't until August 19 and then classes start the very next week. I too am getting all the compliance stuff done.
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    I know our uniforms are white tops and green bottoms. Our school colors.
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    Soooo thankful we have black scrubs with red trim!!! My orientation isn't until the 7th & 8th of August and we start on the 26th. {Go WKU Toppers!}
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    No clue when our orientation is. I'm still waiting for my info packet. I tried to get a peek at our uniforms last week, but they were locked away. I've been told they're white tops with royal blue piping over blue pants.
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    Our uniform is black bottoms and white tops with the school indigna patch sewn on the top. Our orientation is a week before classes begin.

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