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Hey guys, my NPI instructed our class to bring an object that represents Nursing... it cannot be something very obvious (stethoscope, text books, bandages, etc), any suggestions? Thanks!... Read More

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    Quote from HouTx
    Hmm - I personally think that the most important thing that a nurse does is to safeguard the patient while they are in such a scary and potentially hostile environment (organized healthcare). We are vigilant - preventing errors; watching for changes that may indicate complications or additional problems; alerting physicians so that they can intervene promptly...... etc.

    So, I am kinda torn between symbols - lifeboat? lighthouse? definitely something that would indicate "safe passage".. or for those who are more action oriented, some sort of warrior figure? -- "Ninja nurse" Hey, I like that one.
    I would bring a heart, a hand,and I life preserver. For caring, the hand that heals and that we save lives.

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