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Soooooo I start my Ob clinical rotation next semester and just was wondering for those that have been through this before, what kind of information should I study if I want to get a head start! I mean like drugs, procedures,... Read More

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    The doll is meant as a teaching tool but she keeps picking it up and carrying it. Indeed very weird. Some of us were thinking of kidnapping it and sending her a randsom note. She is the peds instructior. Our OB instructor is far to down to be playing with dolls in class.

    I went to an open house at a nursing school a few years back the. It was for a BSN/MSN program where candidates had to declare their proposed specialty at the beginning. I was on of two men in the room. The dean asked everyone to introduce themselves and indicate their
    area of interest. One after the other I heard. "I'm a doula and I want to be a nurse mid-wife"
    "I want to work in a birth center as a midwife." When it came to me, I couldn't repress.
    I want to work in Adult Health Geriatrics or Geri Psych, and I don't want to know nothing about birthing babies. I have to say it went over like a lead baloon full of spears.

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    I just wish I could put my time and energy to focusing on areas where I want to work. I loved surgery and a 4 hour visit to the OR
    was not sufficient. Also the reality is that most of us will be far more likely to work with elder people than with children or infants.
    Geriatrics is a growing area of nursing and should be addressed as such. Why not offer Geriatrics or OB Peds as electives.

    But I guess that would require revising the sacred NCLEX.

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