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  1. by   PatMac10,RN
    I'm about to graduate from an ADN program. It is 5 semesters of actual nursing courses. We only have a full time option for all of the nursing programs at our school.

    We just started a 3 semester LPN program as well.
  2. by   keepmovingrn
    LPN to RN bridge program 3 semesters. 1 yr exactually.
  3. by   rylandsmom1985
    In a night program, so 5 semesters
  4. by   MommaTy
    Depends where you go. Here where I live community college nursing programs are 4 semesters (2 years). That does not include pre-reqs which are different for each student, because some take part time while others go full time then there are pre-reqs to those required course that people have to take. In the universities its a 4 year program. You do pre-reqs with the nursing program. I just got accepted to the ADN program at a community college near me. Took me 5 years to do pre-preqs because I went either 1/4 time or 1/2 time with some semesters off. I have 5 kids, so I took my time. But the RN programs here do not offer part time or night RN programs. I wish they did though
  5. by   RubberDuckieLove
    My ASN program is 5 nursing semester after pre reqs
  6. by   zoe92
    I start my BSN clinicals in the fall. Prereqs took 2 years & the upper level nursing classes will take another 2 years.
  7. by   aleong29
    My ABSN program is 4 semesters long and takes 15 months to finish.
  8. by   RosaleiMae
    Quote from aleong29
    My ABSN program is 4 semesters long and takes 15 months to finish.
    Same here.
  9. by   s.marie333
    I had to complete 10 prerequisite classes and my ADN program is 5 semesters long. I plan on doing my RN-BSN online, which will be 3 semesters.
  10. by   walke274
    My BSN program is 5 semesters long after being accepted.
  11. by   WoundedBird
    My track in a grad entry MSN program is 2.5 years start to finish. All grad entry students have the first year together, take the NCLEX, and then we go onto our specific MS focus which is 1.5-2 years.