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    After your prereqs are completed, mine is 6 semesters. So it takes three years after being accepted into the program. This is for a BSN.

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    My LPN accelerated was 13 months
    My ADN , traditional not bridge is 4 semesters after pre-recs.
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    My Accelerated BSN program is 3 semesters
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    I'm about to graduate from an ADN program. It is 5 semesters of actual nursing courses. We only have a full time option for all of the nursing programs at our school.

    We just started a 3 semester LPN program as well.
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    LPN to RN bridge program 3 semesters. 1 yr exactually.
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    In a night program, so 5 semesters
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    Depends where you go. Here where I live community college nursing programs are 4 semesters (2 years). That does not include pre-reqs which are different for each student, because some take part time while others go full time then there are pre-reqs to those required course that people have to take. In the universities its a 4 year program. You do pre-reqs with the nursing program. I just got accepted to the ADN program at a community college near me. Took me 5 years to do pre-preqs because I went either 1/4 time or 1/2 time with some semesters off. I have 5 kids, so I took my time. But the RN programs here do not offer part time or night RN programs. I wish they did though
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    My ASN program is 5 nursing semester after pre reqs
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    I start my BSN clinicals in the fall. Prereqs took 2 years & the upper level nursing classes will take another 2 years.
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    My ABSN program is 4 semesters long and takes 15 months to finish.

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