Nursing exams - testing your patience

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    Nursing Students, you know the feeling. Nursing test scores can never be posted fast enough

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    thats me!!!!!! i wanted to know my results the minute i sat the exam lololol
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    Me too
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    hahahahaha hilarious and sooooo true!!!
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    There is an advantage of not having to wait now. Back, in the 'dark ages', when I took my Boards (Over 20 years ago) We got the results in the mail. Snail mail that is. Took my boards in June, got results in August. This made the anxiety during school seem like a paper cut. AND the tests were not computerized. We had to fill in those little circles with our Number 2 pencil. Oh how the times have changed.
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    My fellow nursing school friends and I can totally relate to the cartoon!! It's a scantron test, just run the fricking thing through the machine!!

    We did have one rotation where we took the test through the school website via lockdown browser. At the end of those tests you were well aware of how good or bad you did. After that I thought maybe the time buffer wasn't so bad...
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    We have to wait 48 hours to see what we got
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    I am like this in all of my classes, lol.
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    I've got grades (from today's exam) to post right now! But instead, I'm wasting time on Allnurses! How ironic that this was the first thing I saw.
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    Wow! I can't imagine having to wait that long for results! We go through the answers as soon as everyone is done taking them. Then they run the scantrons later...but you pretty much know what you got then and we can discuss why we got certain ones wrong...and then cry about it. haha.

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