Not getting accepted into nursing school? Try...

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    If you are not sure about getting accepted into nursing school - apply to many many schools.

    How many schools did you apply to? Did you apply to 1, 2, or many?

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    5! all but 1 wait listed me but 1 is all I needed!
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    I applied to 1 school for pre-nursing and was accepted. I'm guaranteed a spring 2013 start date for the nursing program with the possibility of starting fall 2012 if there is space.
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    Lol. I liked the cartoon.
    I applied to 1 nursing school only and got accepted. But I am done though.
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    I applied to one school and got on the alternate list. I'm applying to two others to "hopefully" have options.
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    I applied to 20 into 3 so far, wait listed at 1, and rejected by 4. still have a lot to hear from though!!!
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    I applied to only 2 and was accepted to 1, but that's one more than what I thought would accept me!
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    This is funny, yet sadly true. When I was in school, people would mention the 5+ local schools they applied too. I figured if I didn't get in I'd go work in the circus.
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    Quote from MPETRIDES1984
    I applied to 20 schools....!!!
    Isn't that like $1000?
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    I only applied to one for Fall 2012 admission. Should have applied to more, but I don't want to drive an hour each way to school. The one I applied to is about 20 minutes from home Awaiting my acceptance (fingers crossed) letter!! But, if I don't get accepted this time, I will apply again for next year and take EMT and Paramedic courses in he meantime to keep my brain working

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