Music while studying / textbook readings?

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    Just curious to see all of your study habbits and whether or not you are able to listen to music or use noise generators like white noise, etc while doing textbook readings for comprehension. I am looking into trying this out but I just do not want to end up reading an entire chapter or two and not comprehending anything.

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    I listen to no lyric music with low volume. Today I went through 12 albums of Piano Tribute Players. It was a long day.
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    I listen to study classical music. It helps me comprehend more. I am also a severe ADHD student.
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    I listen to everything from country to pop to rock while studying! It just depends on my mood, but I have to have that noise or I cannot focus on the readings at all!
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    No, no music. I'm not really capable of keeping it in the background of my brain...whatever is going on in the song is probably WAY more interesting than whatever I'm reading.
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    I have to have the tv on or music playing. I cannot study when it's absolutely quiet.
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    I listen to instrumental music while I'm studying, so that I have background noise but there's no words that may distract me. The tempo of it usually keeps me going as well. I use 8tracks so that I don't have to worry about changing songs.
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    Seriously, I listened to EDM when I studied.
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    I have to listen to music while studying. Typically it is something that I know really well so that I don't focus too much on the lyrics. My study music of late has been Florence + the Machine which I absolutely love!
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    I need total silence to study. Any music at all just distracts me.

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