Lots of FREE medical, etc. books on Kindle today!! Lots of FREE medical, etc. books on Kindle today!! | allnurses

Lots of FREE medical, etc. books on Kindle today!!

  1. 32 I subscribe to a newsletter that sends me a listing of free books on Kindle each morning. Usually there are 2 or 3 novels. Today there are about 30 nursing, medical, test books. You have to act quick before they change the price. I just downloaded 7 of them.

    The link takes you directly their site. When you click on the books, it takes you directly to the Amazon site. I couldn't resist passing this on.

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    Thank you so much for posting this!

    I just downloaded 16 free books! I'm especially excited for the Kaplan review books. You can get the RN NCLEX review, the CCRN book, and the Medical USMLE steps one and two reviews!

    I did not know this website existed; now I'm signed up for the newsletter. Again, thank you for posting this! I just filled up my reading list for the next several months, all in one day!
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    Thanks so much! I just downloaded about 8 free books to my iPad! You rock.
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    thanks. great post! tons of useful books for free. anybody hesitating, get on this! you don't need a kindle or ipad- you can download a free kindle reader app to your pc or mac...

    [color="pink"]two thumbs up!
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    Fantastic! I just downloaded a slew of nursing and non-nursing books to my Kindle. I signed up for the newsletter as well. Great resouce, thanks RileyPuggle!!
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    thanks for sharing this site is great!! i just downloaded a bunch of free books for my ipad!!
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    Thank you for posting the link. Unfortunately I can’t access the books since they are not available in Canada
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    I'm sorry you can't get the books in Canada. I didn't realize that they were only available in the US. I would still keep an eye out on that site since they might have some books that will become available to you. It's the best site I have found for free Kindle downloads.
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    Thanks RileyPuggle for sharing!! This is great! I off to download.
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    Thanks a lot im about to download them to my kindle right now
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    Neato. I got some books for the Kindle that came pre-installed on my Droid, and I downloaded Kindle for PC. I got some books, but none of them were medical references!
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    I downloaded the Kaplan RN review and it ended up being the PN review. Should still be helpful, but I was really looking forward to the RN. Did anybody else have this problem??
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    THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! Can you save these books on a flash drive after you have downloaded them?