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  1. mymy1219

    Adelphi BSN program questions!

    Did anyone get accepted into the program
  2. mymy1219

    VEEB LPN Program (info request)

    Good luck to you
  3. mymy1219

    Mid manhattan/brooklyn adult lpn

    so I finally got my study guide form A now i'm just waiting on the practice book
  4. mymy1219

    Mid manhattan/brooklyn adult lpn

    I am really going to study very hard because I want to pass this exam. I wish they would send the materials already.
  5. mymy1219

    Mid manhattan/brooklyn adult lpn

    cool!!! I ordered the 15 study guide and friday i am going to buy the book for 55 . However, I order the first book 2 weeks ago nothing came for me yet.
  6. mymy1219

    VEEB LPN Program (info request)

    Does anyone know the name of the book to study for the entrance exam. I have a few books but if there is a specific one i would love to know so i can start using it right away
  7. mymy1219

    Mid manhattan/brooklyn adult lpn

    I also take the test on feb 3 at 1:00 pm. I am going to make sure that i prepare myself well because i have to get into this program.
  8. Well i also paid to take the cnet exam feb 3 and i am very excited because i really would love to get accepted into a program. I am going to start studying because i have to pass this exam. I brought one of the study guides it should be coming soon and i have a exam textbook on my kindle where i can do practice questions!
  9. mymy1219

    Who is applying to VEEB for 2012

    thats great i hope we both get in, cuny is very competitive and i really really would just love to be accepted to veeb next year so im going to take everything serious and have my fingers crossed!
  10. mymy1219

    VEEB LPN Program (info request)

    Thank you very much!
  11. So I took my state boards today. I was nervous but we did the written exam first which was 60 questions multiple choice which i know i did good on and then the skills that i had to perform was Dressing, ROM lower, and pulse and respiration. I was nervous and i made some errors However i believe that i showed the examiner that I knew what I was doing. she was kinda rushing me because she wanted to leave so I will take that as a good sign.
  12. mymy1219

    NYC CNA's

    Well i'm actually not finished yet but i like the school I am learning a lot. You should call the school and speak to one of the advisors for information
  13. I really believe that everybody need to do what they have to do to reach goals. So if you have to take out a loan do it. Me personal The cuny Schools in Ny is very competitive because they offer education at low cost. There nursing programs are pretty hard to get into and you have to study and bust your butt to get in. (which I am currently doing). There are many students who don't want to be bothered with getting rejected by the cuny programs so they choose to go to private schools such as LIU, Adelphi, and monroe, etc and get charged high tuition. However it they get into the nursing program with their eyes closed. And graduate and pass the nclex. Honestly i personally am trying to go the loan free route but I want to be a nurse so i would pay 35,000 a year to make it happen if i had to.
  14. I feel like you are buying a degree when you go to a private school. It is way easier to get into a nursing program when tuition is 60,000 a year then 6,000 a year. Thats what i noticed a lot of people do go private because it is quicker, however at the end of the day there are big loans to pay back. I would be upset if i had a great job and half my salary is going into student loans. But! sometimes we have to do what we have to do. If this is what it takes to make a person dreams come true then go for it.
  15. mymy1219

    Students cheating on tests....

    I sure understand what you are going through, it is annoying to know that you are studying hard and trying to do what you have to do to pass and other people are out there cheating. you can either talk to the professor privately or let the students keep on doing what they doing. Things will catch up with them. Maybe not for the moment but in the long run it will.
  16. mymy1219

    Chances of getting into city tech nursing program

    it sure will. Its all for a good cause! good luck