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  1. scibruin

    Overwhelmed within 2 weeks!

    Keep your head up and stay in your toes . You posting this shows how much you want to succeed as a nurse. I'm still in my first year a d its still tough but it gets a little easier and you will feel more comfortable. Best of luck you will be great!!
  2. scibruin

    How to survive clinical instructor from hell?

    I had a horrible experience with a clinical instructor as well. But I am now out of school and working. Keep your eye on the prize. Suck it up, don't let him/her get to you and take it in stride. don't let one person get in the way of your dreams. just another hurdle to get over. just get through these last few weeks!! hang in there and good luck.
  3. scibruin

    Failed 6 times and Giving up :(

    Don't give up! You can and will eventually pass the NCLEX, and when you do and find a job you will appreciate being there as a professional nurse that much more. You have a lot of heart and determination to continue to persist. Keep on going, it will make all those previous efforts a waste if you stop now. The only thing now between you and being a nurse is a test, not the years of torture in nursing school. Keep on trying and keep your head up. You are striving for that goal and you will be rewarded greatly once you get there.
  4. scibruin

    How many patients is/are too many?

    I don't have any good advice, but i just wanted to say good luck and stay strong! It does suck to be in that position. New grad jobs are ridiculously hard to come by so I suggest doing what you can to keep your position. The hospital might have a specific number of patient ratios they adhere by, try checking your hospital policy book? I wish you the best of luck and keep those patients and yourself SAFE!
  5. scibruin

    New Grads, Bitterness, and Maybe A Real "Nursing Shortage."

    I am a recent grad from June 2010. I had a VERY difficult time finding a job (in los angeles area). There were a few new grad programs offered but they had SO many applicants it was ridiculous. I was so fortunate to be accepted and offered a job just last week but after almost 6 months of looking. I don't a shortage exists here in CA at least. I was a little bitter especially because there were plenty of jobs available for 'one year acute care experience' nurses but absolutely nothing for new grads. Very frustrating to say the least. I think the hospitals should put more money into training and new grad programs, there are so many talented new grads out there willing to do almost anything to find a job as a RN yet they are stuck. Good take on the 'shortage' issue. I do have a few friends thinking of using their previous degrees just to make some money before finding a nursing job.
  6. scibruin

    RN exam for new hires

    Hey everyone, I recently was offered a position whoo hoo my first job as an RN. I was told pending my drug and background I would be taking a calculation and medication test. The study guide provided was pretty general and seemed like an overview of all nursing school and meds! I'm a little scared I only have 2 chances to pass... My question is have you had to take a test after being hired? what was it like? Do you think its as scary as i'm thinking it will be? What have been your experiences with this? Thank for any help/advice on studying!
  7. scibruin

    Advice please!!! Lvn or rn?

    i agree apply to both. Definitely finish out your current undergrad program and see if you can start taking pre-requisites for the nursing programs you want to apply to. Getting into a program can take a long time so finish what you are currently doing and prepare yourself while you wait to apply for a program. I didn't realize my dream of becoming a nurse until I was finished with my BA and working full time in a different field for a few years. I went back to school while working and eventually had to quit a year into my program. Its possible I know some people work while in the program but at the most part time. Good luck! i'm happy you have found your calling to be a nurse! Oh, and if you can I would try to go straight to RN. If you don't know much about the field of nursing and what it really entails you should do some research, as a general student (not from any medical field before getting into nursing school) I thought I knew what nursing was but quickly realized i didn't lol. luckily for me i really loved it all and have even more excitement to be a nurse.
  8. scibruin

    What is Med/Surge?

    my med/surg classes focused on specific body systems and the diseases that affect them. We went through 4 different med/surg classes each one consisted of a few different systems ie. Cardiac, neuro, respiratory, musculoskeletal and so forth. Its more a narrow focus of the diseases of each body system and pathophysiology of them and how as a nurse to treat and teach patients. good luck!
  9. scibruin

    Looking for a good Stethoscope

    LOVE LOVE LOVE my Littman Cardio III. its expensive but it sounds great. If you do get one make sure you don't lend it to ANYONE... including doctors!!! Also, this may sound dumb but make sure the right side is 'turned on' by turning the head of the stethoscope if you have that kind. Try to adjust the ear pieces so they fit snugly in your ear and close your eyes with complete focus. Happy stethoscope shopping!
  10. thank you for the response. I think my school should've given us the heads up a bit. I was totally under the impression that I should wait until my license was in hand to apply. I just think finishing in june, getting my license end of july and no job till april seems SOOO far away. but nothing else i can do but keep searching and keep hopes up! THanks for the help again.
  11. I feel so lost. I recently passed the NCLEX and have started the grim searching for jobs in southern cali. My question is it seems like all of the new grad programs for this year are already closed. Was i supposed to apply to new grad programs before I graduated and passed the NCLEX? As I search for a new job seems almost impossible to get a job without a new grad program because all postings require 1 year in acute care setting. One last question some of the new grad programs might open up again at the end of the year for a start in april of next year. I may not have a choice but to wait that long, but it seems like a long time to have a license and be desperately looking for a job and waiting for a new grad program. Anyone else running into this problem too?? Any help, advice, words of encouragement will help. I'm feeling so down about not being able to find a job!
  12. scibruin

    IV fluid replacement question debating book answer

    THIS MAKES SENSE!!! Thank you. the answer you gave is the same as the book answer. The way you broke it down made the lightbulb go on! knew i just wasn't understanding the question i could do the math part. THank you so much. i feel silly but so glad you replied. thanks a million!!
  13. A client is receiving IV fluid replacement. The order states to give 1000 ml for the first 10 kg and 50ml/kg each 10-20 in 24 hours. The client weights 19.5 kg, what should the nurse set the hourly rate at? this question was on a comprehensive test our instructor gave us in prep for the nclex. I had a problem with the wording and understanding of the question, i get the mathematical part of it. My question is after the first 1000 ml is given my instructor said that the leftover 9.5 kg (19.5-10= 9.5) should be multiplied by 50 ml and that is added to the first 1000 and divided by 24 to get the hourly replacement. My thing is the 10-20 part doesn't make sense to me. 9.5 kg doesn't fit in the range of 10-20 kg so why would we multiply it by 50 then add that to the 1000 ml part? It would make sense if the range was 9-20 kg i would've added it but if its 9.5 its not in the range of the order and wouldn't be used to add the additional fluid. anyone else with me on this? i debated with her for a few minutes and she just kept showing me how to do it but wasn't explaining WHY. I get how she got the answer and how to work the problem. can anyone explain this to me? thanks for any help its really bothering me i think i'm just reading the question wrong i asked her to re-state the question so i could understand and she said it means what it means and couldn't state it in a different way. help?!
  14. scibruin

    1rst year meds to memorize

    The drugs will come, but i know as a student its fun just to start looking things up and sometimes you don't even know where to start. Here are some basics that you can look up but i agree with the above statements that learning as you connect the dots to a disease process really helps build and keep connections needed for drug knowledge. lasix insulin all types tylenol ibuprofen digoxin coumadin colace milk of magnesia heparin omeprazole plavix These are just a few that I saw a lot in my clinicals most patients have prophylactic prn meds like tylenol and omeprazole or colace. Happy studying!!
  15. scibruin

    NCLEX review CD's that work for mac computers

    i bought the program parallels for my mac laptop and what it does is run windows on my mac. its about 80 bucks and you have to have a windows disk (one usually comes with new computers and laptops). I run my davis drug book off it and all other widows based programs that don't work on my mac and its great. i think its been well worth the investment. good luck!
  16. scibruin

    Got my acceptance letter - NOT excited

    It's going to be a long tough journey for you, you should be both excited and nervous. Your mindset will need to change for sure, i started with a group of about 80 students incoming. I am currently set to graduate with about 40 people in a few weeks. Included in those 40 people about half are LVNs who didn't start with us and a good 10 are people who were to graduate ahead of me but failed a class or two. So from about 80 to 30. we lost so many people along the way and i'll tell you right now everyone still here put the time in took it seriously and followed directions. I wish you the best of luck. If this is something you really want to do in order to make it through the program get serious and be flexible. Work hard, this can set you up for the rest of your life!!