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Last Semester!

  1. 1 I am almost there! 4 out if 5 semesters of nursing school completed!!!!! With B's! I am so thankful to have made it through this semester it had been the hardest thus far! I look forward to these last 4.5 months! I will be an RN in approx 5 months! I can't believe it! How about everyone else! What semester are you in? How did your last semester compare to the rest of nursing school if your finished with nursing school already!
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    I'm entering my last semester as well, I just finished Pediatrics, OB, and mental health. I managed to pass with two A's and a B!!! I'm excited to start my final semester which is going to be Med-Surg 2, role development, and another mental health class.
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    I'm heading into my last semester as well. I will be taking Med-Surg III, peds, practicum. So excited. This was also our hardest semester, and I am so happy that I made it through.
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    Congrats you guys! We've almost made it. We had Med-Surg, Peds, and Leadership and Management this semester. This next semester will be more Med-Surg, Mental Health and Individual preceptorship (I'm doing my hours in the CVICU! So excited!)
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    That's excited!!!!! I'm so nervous because I heard the last semester is the hardest!
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    Last semester starts in mid-January. only 2 classes to go! Luckily the 2 classes are split and we do one class the 1st 1/2 of the semester and the 2nd class in the 2nd 1/2 of the semester. Makes the time go by so much quicker.

    We have Adult/Child IV (aka med/surg) continuation of specific body systems and nursing seminar for the last 2 classes

    I almost want to say forget winter break and start right back into the last semester to be done quicker haha.
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    about to start the final semester in January - research, community and practicum - i am beyond excited!
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    I just took my last test of nursing school and passed! This last semester has been the hardest by far. I think it was just so much crammed into 4 short months! It also didn't help that I had to work full time on top of clinicals, precepting, and tests, but I survived and most of my class that made it to this semester passed. We lost over half of our starting class though throughout the semesters. Good Luck!!
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    I am working on a lpn_RN ASN degree. This semester has been by far the hardest. I was failing and I just checked my grades and I passed! One more semester to go ! We all can do this!!
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    Most of the graduates from my schools have said that the last semester wasn't as hard as the 4th semester, but it dragged by.
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    I just finished my 4th semester too and have one to go! Last semester we had peds, leadership, and community and itw as teh hardest yet! I can't wait to graduate eitehr and my countdown is about the same as yours op, can you believe it?? I am beyond excited, its almost surreal! PatMac, I swear you must be at mys chool because I just read your last post and thats what Ive heard at my school too, that the fifth semester is not as bad Here's too hoping!!!! Congrats to all of us!!!!
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    I still have 5 more semesters! I'm looking forward to being in the last semester in less than 2 years, though. It's a process, that's for sure. I have completed 2 semesters.

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    Congrats! I'm finishing 1 out of 5! This time in two years, ill be graduating! It's tough, but it went by fast! Next semester is med surg 1, and pharm 2- reportedly the toughest out of the five...

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