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    So after every exam, everyone starts the whole "how did you do?" I have gotten three A's and a B so far. Today after my third A, we did the whole routine of asking how you did. So pretty much everyone knows I got good grades. Some people act a little funny towards me afterwards, like I've done something wrong. Anyone else having issues like this? I think I'm just going to tell people I passed, it's irritating when they get all ***** about my good grades, and their mediocre ones.
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    I had classmates like that. It didn't take long before I started not sharing my grades. It's none of their business.I only had one close friend that I shared with.
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    "Well I studied so much for this test, I got the grade I deserved, I need to go study now, bye!" walks away
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    HA. Yeah. That happened to me, too. People would literally frown at me whenever I told them my grades. I stopped telling people.

    By the way, I love your username, jakefromstatefarm. Made me laugh!
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    Eh, people get over it and/or you get used to it.

    Everyone comes into nursing school with great grades and everyone would like to keep them. There's no knowledge thar only a few will manage to do that and everyone secretly thinks it might be them.

    If it isn't, it's a let down. And a pretty big adjustment for some. Eventually most people settle into their groove and the competition really only continues between the high ranking people, in my experience.
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    The biggest mistake I made was not telling people that I get mostly A's... My biggest mistake was telling my peers and professors that I don't even have any books... Don't get me wrong, I do study (ALOT) but i just don't absorb what I read. I didn't think it was a big deal but that really rubbed people the wrong way.
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    Yes ppl are aggravating. I get mostly A's, some B's and I think ppl get aggravated.
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    I never understand why people get upset because you got a better grade than them. I would be asking "how did you study?" or "would you mind studying together" so I could see if your techniques were better than mine!
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    I will just keep it to myself to avoid those awkward moments. It sucks though, I'm super excited to have a good grade and I get treated like I'm bragging! I'll keep the "bragging" to my family and friends
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    You don't have to share. Just say "ehhh" and make a weird face and people will eventually stop asking. That's what I do.

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