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I don't wanna!

  1. 4 I have an EBP paper due tomorrow (thought it was due next Thursday - oopsie!) and I just flat out, plain old don't wanna do it!

    So seniors, what don't you wanna do?
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    4 lectures left..one test.one final exam and 2 weeks of clinicals. .I dont wanna do any of it lol
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    Yeah I have pretty much wanted to ignore every assignment so far. I haven't but I definitely keep wanting too.
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    2 lectures left, one test, one final left. We have a group seminar project on ARDS that requires a 45 minute interactive presentation to the class, a 25+ page paper to do (luckily the group turns in one paper as a whole this time), and 2 other major papers for mental health!!!!! Geez!!!!! So there's a lot I don't wanna do! Lolz! However I only have 35 days of nursing school left, I can do it! So can all of you guys! We are at the end, we can do this!
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    You scared me there, I have an EBP paper due next thursday too!!! Had to double check! lol I need to start mine as well, plus do a pp presentation for me/surg, a group pp project for lab, a 20 page groupe paper/presentation, take home exam, another paper for OB, stats homework...
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    I have two tests and the HESI. Also have thousands of NCLEX questions to do. I don't wanna! I have to, but don't want to.
    We have the NCLEX questions to do every semester (of course the last semesters it was a few hundred..now its a couple thousand!). I had no problem banging them out. But this time, I really just don't want to. Yes, yes, I know it helps as a study aid for the NCLEX, yes I know its required but for whatever reason I can't sit still long enough to do it which isn't like me at all. I have a test Monday which is what I'm really focused on.

    Thankfully, there are no papers due, no projects...just those questions.
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    I don't wanna get up in the morning after 12 hour clinical to take a quiz that I didn't feel like studying for
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    Sociology lectures.
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    Psych papers... Yuck