How many tries do you get?

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    Hey all!

    In my BSN program, we can't fail more than 2 classes or we will get dismissed from the program. What is the policy for your school? I am curious! (:

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    If we fail, we're out. No second chances! We can reapply to retake the semester, but since my program only admits yearly, it's a nice long wait.
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    We were allowed one fail, after that if you failed again you were out for 5 years before you could reapply.
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    We're allowed one fail. If you fail twice you're out. You can reapply to the program...but there's a 3 year waiting list so you'd be waiting awhile!
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    If you fail in 1st semester you can reapply as many times as you want, but have to be accepted again. If you fail 2-4 you can re-enter, do that semester over. But, you can only do that once and then you'd have to go back to 1st semester!
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    Wow. My school seems so lenient in comparison, because you can always appeal the 2-fail rule!
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    If you fail once, you must reapply and you must wait a year b/c each class is only offered once a year. If you fail again you are not allowed to reapply, you are out for good.
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    My school lets you fail one class. If you fail any class after that your out and have to reapply. I do not think there is any amount of time you have to wait to reapply.
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    We don't get to fail. If you get less than required to pass a class you may get to write a supplemental exam but if you fail you're out. If you do fail out you can reapply but with competitive entry it is difficult to get back in.
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    No fails. In any one semester, you don't pull a 78%, you're out of the program.

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