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How many tries do you get?

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    In my BSN program, we can't fail more than 2 classes or we will get dismissed from the program. What is the policy for your school? I am curious! (:
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    If we fail, we're out. No second chances! We can reapply to retake the semester, but since my program only admits yearly, it's a nice long wait.
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    We were allowed one fail, after that if you failed again you were out for 5 years before you could reapply.
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    We're allowed one fail. If you fail twice you're out. You can reapply to the program...but there's a 3 year waiting list so you'd be waiting awhile!
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    If you fail in 1st semester you can reapply as many times as you want, but have to be accepted again. If you fail 2-4 you can re-enter, do that semester over. But, you can only do that once and then you'd have to go back to 1st semester!
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    Wow. My school seems so lenient in comparison, because you can always appeal the 2-fail rule!
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    If you fail once, you must reapply and you must wait a year b/c each class is only offered once a year. If you fail again you are not allowed to reapply, you are out for good.
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    My school lets you fail one class. If you fail any class after that your out and have to reapply. I do not think there is any amount of time you have to wait to reapply.
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    We don't get to fail. If you get less than required to pass a class you may get to write a supplemental exam but if you fail you're out. If you do fail out you can reapply but with competitive entry it is difficult to get back in.
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    No fails. In any one semester, you don't pull a 78%, you're out of the program.
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    We have to have a 75% or higher or we fail and are out. We can apply to be readmitted but we also have to do remediation before we are accepted back in. Plus, our program only admits once a year so you have a year to wait.
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    My school was, fail and you're out of your cohort and you have to take it all over again the next time it's offered, usually next year. Meanwhile, you're not permitted to progress and are, effectively, recycled a year.
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    If you make below a 78%, you're out. You can reapply to get back in the program once. But then again you have to wait a year and re-test.