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How Many Schools Did You Apply For?

  1. 0 I'm almost done with my pre-nursing courses. And because nursing applications deadlines are coming closer and closer, and I was wondering how many schools I should apply for. I just don't want to only apply for a couple of schools and not get accepted, when if I applied to such-and-such school I would get accepted. I know many people don't get in on their first shot but how many different schools did you apply for before starting a nursing program?
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    I applied to three school due to my excessive withdraws, which made it difficult for me to qualify for those schools. I just got accepted into one recently and rejected from another, I am still waiting for the answering from the last school.
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    Just one, and I was accepted for the semester I applied for. I couldn't really afford to go anywhere else.
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    One! I didn't think I would get in so this semester I was finishing my pre reqs for the other two schools in my area. Surprisingly I got my acceptance letter to the school I applied for and start in January (i did apply twice to this school)
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    I applied to one school, and was finishing the last prerequisite that I needed in order to apply to four more. I got lucky and got accepted to the first one right away!
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    I applied to three. Accepted to one, wait listed to one and rejected from one. Go figure.
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    I applied to one school but for two programs. My school offers a Practical Nursing and an Associate of Science in Nursing. I applied to both in case I didn't get in the ASN program but luckily I did.

    I was going to apply for other schools within about an hour drive but I ran out of time, otherwise I would have.
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    I applied to three schools, and only got into one. Luckily, it was my top choice!
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    I applied to one (accelerated BSN program), and got in. I consider myself extremely lucky.
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    I'm planning on applying to two. I think the odds are best picking 2-3 schools to apply to.
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    I'll be applying to 3-4 of the 10+ BSN programs in my area. This city is nursing school central, haha.
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    I only applied to one adn school and one bsn school after I got my adn. I was freaking out but got into both on the first try.
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    I applied to just one, and I was accepted. I start Fall 2013, but begin pharmacology and RN skills/assessment in the Spring. It's close to my house so it worked out perfect!