How many credit hours...

  1. Did you take your first semester/quarter in Nursing school? What classes did you take, and how difficult would you say your first term in your Nursing program was?
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  3. by   cgravier
    we have 1 class for every 8 week semester. (10 total I think) around 40 credits not including pre reqs. I took all my pre and co reqs so I only have nursing classes. (thank goodness)
  4. by   mangopeach
    Just finished up Fundamentals. Its an 8 credit class. Didn't find it difficult in terms of learning the material. Its all the things that you have to do that makes nursing school "difficult" IMO. The material itself is not difficult. Its just a lot, a whole lot so you need to manage your time wisely to get all your readings done. Then I had lab,skills checkoffs, clinicals, care plans and papers so its a lot to manage.

    I have all my gen ed and pre-reqs completed so I'm only taking nursing classes.
  5. by   OB-nurse2013
    My first semester was only 6 ch because I completed all my gen. ed's before hand. It wasn't terribly hard but it seened like a lot of little stuff constantly being thrown at you so that made it a bit frustating but otherwise not bad. I know it gets worse from here on out though and more ch a semester.
  6. by   cmorales79
    My first semester was just one class....fundamentals it was a 9 credit class. Just like the other posts this class was not difficult if you did the reading and went to classes and put in the time. This class just contained a great deal of busy work. Besides lecture we had PA, skills, clinicals, clinical paperwork, caremaps, and writing papers. I was able to do quite well and also take a writing class that I was taking for a transfer prerequisite for my BSN after I finish my RN. It is doable you just have to be willing to put in the time.
  7. by   newRNstudent02
    18 units first semester....dosage calc, foundations, pharm, intro to prof nursing, health care trends
  8. by   clucito01
    My first semester I was in Therapeutic Interventions (Fundamentals), Health Assessment, Pathophysiology, Intro to Nursing, and Missions in Healthcare. Along with those 5 classes I had lab for Health Assessment 2 days a week, and Therapeutic Interventions lab 1 day a week and then clinical's for that course every other Friday. I thought I was going to die by then end of the semester but I wouldn't change any of it for the experience and knowing that I'm in a kick-ass and amazing program! And soon I will be able to add RN, BSN behind my last name!!
  9. by   ThePrincessBride
    I feel very overwhelmed. I am taking Microbiology and Human Development over the summer to get those classes out the way, yet I still find myself looking at close to 17 credit hours if I take Human Nutrition. :/

    Autumn Quarter, we take Foundational Nursing (6 creds), Introduction to Scientific Inquiry (1 cred), Integrated Sciences for Nursing Practice I (5 creds) and Microbiology (5 creds, but I will be taken this over the summer). Should I take Human Nutrition this quarter or wait until Winter Quarter? If I wait until Winter quarter, I will have 12 cred hours Autumn Quarter, 17 winter quarter, and 12 spring quarter (I would have gotten rid of three credit hours thanks to taken Human Development over the summer).

    Either way, I'm stuck with at least one quarter of 17 credit hours, and I'm not sure I can handle that! I've taken 15 credit hours mostly in my college career, but I haven't gone up to 17 creds!

    What would you do? Wait until Winter quarter to take the class, or push it to your first quarter of Nursing classes?

    Thanks and sorry for the long post!
  10. by   newRNstudent02
    17 units for micro, human development, and nutrition! That doesn't seem right...
  11. by   ThePrincessBride
    Quote from newRNstudent02
    17 units for micro, human development, and nutrition! That doesn't seem right...
    It isn't. Microbiology=5 creds, Human development=3 and human nutrition= 5 creds. I will be eliminated Micro and Human Development, but the one term where I will have seventeen credit hours looks like this:
    Foundations II (6 creds)
    Introduction to Scientific Inquiry II (1 cred)
    Integrated Sciences for Nursing Practice II (5 creds)
    Human Nutrition (5 creds)

    That equals 17 credit hours. I would take Human Nutrition over the summer as well, but can't find a place where my school will accept the creds transfer.
  12. by   jesskidding
    Just 10 credit hours. That's two classes- Intro to Nursing Concepts and Pharmacology.

    I have other classes completed so all I have to do are nursing classes.
  13. by   my4helpers
    My acceptance/denial letter will be here within two weeks. If accepted, I will be taking 8 or 9 credit hours. 17 credit hours would personally be too much for me, but I also have four children as well. Like you, I am taking micro and human growth this summer. So my fall classes would be:

    Introduction to organic Chem 2 CH
    Micro Lab 1 CH (this class is currently full and I am on a waiting list. If I don't get in, I will take it in the spring)
    Foundations of Nursing 5 CR
    Introduction to Nursing Process 1 CH
  14. by   Calinurse4
    11.5 for my ADN program for three semesters and then 12.5 for the fourth semester. All pre-reqs are done prior to the program, so these are all strictly nursing/pharm/skills classes.