How do you improve your memory?

  1. Do you have any memorization techniques? Do you eat specific foods or drinks? Do you use Mnemonics? If yes, which ones do you use?

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  3. by   AloeBlox
    anti oxidants
  4. by   Yohana
    Repetition! repeat, repeat, repeat!
  5. by   LindaBright
    The more you do something, the more it gets embedded in your mind/memory. Also, healthy foods make for a healthy mind, whereas the normal "study diet" of sugar and junk food can cloud memories. Deep breathing... lots of good, healthy living.
  6. by   blizz108
    The Memory Book by Harry Lorayne & Jerry Lucas has some great tips. Also, I walk around when I'm going over (and over) my 3x5 cards, outside if weather permits.
  7. by   CT Pixie
    all my Mnemonics are against TOS. Suffice it to say if I really want remember something...the dirtier I can make it the better it sticks
  8. by   amygarside
    Vitamins and keeping the mind occupied by doing crossword puzzles.
  9. by   Streamline2010
    Reduce your stress level. Increase your happiness and peacefulness. If you are always stressed too much and your body is in fight-or-flight or panic mode, you can't learn or retain.
  10. by   CourtM092
    How I memorize is verbalizing aloud and writing it down as I say it. Works like a charm for me.
  11. by   dstevens25
    My worksheet- by the end of shift not even an egyptologist could decypher what I written on that thing. Outputs, last doses and my assessment data are scattered all over it. It looks like a highlighter committed mass murder too.
  12. by   Red35
    Read, teach it to my dog or the wall....say it aloud again. Take 10 minutes...repeat-so far works like a charm...I have even studied in my dreams.
  13. by   Sevag
    Do mind mapping. It helps tremendously!