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I feel like I'm working my tail off nailing jello to a wall. And I'm only in first semester.... Read More

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    Because I had family, friends and faculty that said 'h-ll no' when I stumbled and fell down, and picked me up and booted my butt back in the game. Failure wasn't an option.
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    I'm on my second semester of nursing and I'm stressing. There isn't a day I don't wake up terrified. Lol I know this is bad but I'm afraid of failure I just don't know how ill cope. This is something I truly want yet the process is just so overwhelming. Any suggestions on how to get through med surg?
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    My sad, empty bank account was motivation enough for me.
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    Growing up, quitting was NEVER an option - my parents taught me that if I started something, I needed to give it my best and work my hardest until it was completed. This is still ingrained in me today (and it is a very valuable lesson), and that is one of the biggest things that is keeping me going - no matter how hard it may get. I also look at how far I've come (completed all my prereqs and am started my ADN program in August), where I'm at now (do I really want to be a CNA for the rest of my life), and where I want to be (a CNM and/or a FNP in a medically underserved area)...and that reminds me that the path I'm on has a God-given purpose, and that when I feel discouraged, stressed, etc I can turn to God for strength. Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through God who gives me strength."
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    For me, it was a combination of things.

    The primary one was the desperate need for a good job.

    Secondary was not modeling quitting for my kid.

    Finally, it was just a matter of tenacity... I KNOW that I CAN do anything that other people can do.
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    Knowing that it's time to grow up and take care of myself.
    Having a family and boyfriend who support me and whom I want to make proud.
    Realizing how much better off my family and I will be once I am an RN.
    Wanting to contribute something meaningful to other peoples' lives.
    Seeing how far I've come and comparing it to how far I thought I'd get - not very far.
    And, of course, $$$. (I'm not in it 'cause I think RNs are super-rich, but their salary sure beats my CNA one right now, lol.)
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    I had the most amazing clinical day today. This is what keeps you going....................
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    I have a girl I used to work with and I tell myself over and over, "If SHE can do, I can do it!!"
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    After being close to failing fundamentals and calling my mother in tears...I'll never forget her say this to me..."if you can't do something as nursing...then you're never going to be able to do anything else." As mean and harsh that sounded...she was completely right. If I couldn't do this then what else will I be capable of doing. On top of that my instructor had told me to give up and drop. Putting two and two together I said to myself I'm going to prove the both of you wrong. Hell...I did prove them both wrong. Im done with my BSN! To's knowing I'm close to failing that makes me push myself and motivate me to do wayyyy better. Always been like that. Also...I'm the type that never gives up. Capricorn...we climb that ladder until we reach success.
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    How do I keep myself from quitting? Student loans. Pride. Wanting to be a really awesome nurse just to prove it to myself. You know, the basics of motivation. ;D

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