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Hospital Name Badge, Silly Question - page 3

This might be a silly question, but where do you put your hospital name tag? I see that most people wear it on their chest pocket, but I just looked at my scrubs and they only have hip pockets! ... Read More

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    I no longer have to wear a name badge as I no longer work in a hospital but, when I did, I always wore mine on a lanyard. And yes, it did have a quick release snap but I was never worried about being choked with it.
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    Quote from psu_213

    I've seen some female staff do this and a few of them border on the risqu (not sure if that intentional or not).
    I usually lift the ID up a little so I'm not smushing myself against the reader.
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    Not a silly question! I wear mine on my neckline if I don't have a pocket on my top. I am also able to wear it on a laynard, but prefer not to ever since I got the blasted thing tangled up around a trach tube and almost tore the tube out of my poor patient!
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    Both my school and the hospital we are affliated with require that the name badge be worn at eye level (ie:neckline). I wear mine on the neckline of my scrub top. We have no pockets on our tops so thats the only place the clip will stay.
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    another vote for the badge reel as i feel iffy getting up close and personal to our card readers and taking it in and out of a pin to access readers in our computers and iv pumps. HAH!
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    Quote from HouTx
    I agree - stay away from lanyards in patient care areas. I have seen many instances of 'accidental' dislodgement of IV lines (including central & swanns!) as well as ET tubes, trach tubes, etc... when they get tangled with a lanyard. Also - very icky - in terms of dangling fomite around one's neck.
    First of all, I love it any time I get to see the word "fomite" used here.... I miss that Crusty Old Biter Bat thread!

    Secondly, I have a clip on mine that will hold onto the fabric of my scrubs, not just a pocket/neckline edge. I pinch a little bit of fabric just below my left shoulder, then apply the clip. When/if I'm ever to the point that I'll need to use my badge to gain access to Special Locked Areas, I'll go the badge reel route (you can find a lot of cute ones on Etsy and Ebay).
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    mine just clips to the collar of my shirt. There's a couple of uniform items that don't have collars but I've only ever seen them worn by admin who wear a different type of name badge.
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    I stick my badge on my neckline with a retractable badge holder.
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    My name badge is just my student card in a holder, i usually put it on my right hand pocket of my top -as does most nurses i know- (at the bottom of the top) but my charge nurse in the last ward i was in wanted them on the neckline x
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    remember that putting it around your neck is a hazard...a choking hazard that is. Not all patients are nice.
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    Quote from shamrokks
    remember that putting it around your neck is a hazard...a choking hazard that is. Not all patients are nice.
    Mostly they try and choke you with their tele leads tho hehe.. True story