Have you had a bad experience during nursing program ?

  1. What bad experience have you gone through that would help others students avoid the same situation? How did you and/or your school handled it?

    ** Please no names of patients, teachers, or schools. **

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  3. by   NurseKis
    My clinical professor wanted me to give shots to pts w/o me having the proper preparation. I explained to her that because I did not do it in the lab i wasnt supposed to do it on the pts. She screamed at me and told me to do what she asked. i was crying the whole time and she was telling nurses how students think the know more than the instructors.. She is a dumb woman!
  4. by   bear14
    Stay humble admit you dont know anything even if you do. Learned that one the hard way.
  5. by   HH_RN13
    What bear14 said
  6. by   x_factor
    Do not get involved in cliques. If students in class begin to gossip about others, keep your mouth shut and RUN in the opposite direction. Do not get involved in any drama. Avoid it at all costs.
  7. by   rafv
    EXACTLY what bear14 said.....
  8. by   ßåߥ
    Quote from bear14
    Stay humble admit you dont know anything even if you do. Learned that one the hard way.
    Curious. Are you that way with doctor's too?
  9. by   futurenurseya33
    I had four family members that died within 3 months. So I decided to withdraw from the program. And it took 1 year for me to get back in which starts in 1 week.
  10. by   Red35
    Yep I have had a few....

    At our school we have to take a pre-nursing class (Strategies of Nursing Success) I was told it will be a fun class to start exposing students to drug calcs and medical terminology. It was the worst class I've ever been in. The teacher was a b** to say the least AND I barely passed-we learned nothing and had huge amounts of homework-the class was 2 credits! I had to try and learn about 2,000 medical terms...and the tests were just like the NCLEX. It was a "self taught" class.

    It has really taken a toll on my self esteem as the teacher told me that I'm not cut out for nursing....

    Also, our nursing class is full of cliques and people who gossip...
  11. by   ixchel
    I was diagnosed with a spinal condition mid-semester during my first semester of the nursing program. I was one of those patients you hear about in med/surg that goes to the ER for one thing and gets diagnosed with another. I spent the last 6 weeks of the semester in terrible pain, juggling school work, kids, physical therapy and doctor visits. I also realized there may very well not be a place for me in nursing once I graduate. Talk about a tough pill to swallow. I'm 32 with a husband and kids depending on me to get us out of the financial rut we are in right now. Three more semesters left. And who knows if I can get hired.

    I'm between that semester and spring right now. Last week I was asked to give proof from my doctor that I'm fit for clinicals. I got a letter listing my specific limitations, and I am cleared. I worked my butt off to get that seat in the program and had to earn it back a second time. I am not backing down! I start school again on the 24th. I'm feeling a whole lot less doom and gloom about my job prospects. It may still be a challenge, but I'll work this out. I'm good at thinking outside of the box.
  12. by   Racer15
    I never really had any problems. I did find that certain instructors would have it out for some students for no apparent reason, though I was never one of them. I wasn't a suck-up, but I went to my instructors' offices for advice on a regular basis, asked questions, but always deferred to them during clinicals. It can sometimes be a delicate dance to keep some instructors happy, but it kept me off their sour puss radar.
  13. by   ianursestudent15
    Bad experience as student nurse? It involves clinical instructors sad to sayBad experience as student nurse? It involves clinical instructors sad to say
  14. by   bear14

    Do you mean with doctors at my clinical sites or my own personal doctors? We honestly haven't interacted with doctors at our clinical sites and if we did it was brief. If you're curious about personal experience with doctors I have spent my whole life around them and have worked with them and had no problem letting them know if I disagreed with them and show them what I know. It's alot different when you have a clinical instructor who doesnt have your back then when its a supervisor who does.