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Don't incriminate yourself here, but just wondering has anyone ever purposely missed a clinical day for something other than a sickness? I know I try hard to got because it's much more trouble than its worth to miss clinicals,... Read More

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    I've never missed one day of clinicals, but if there was a conflict in scheduling, I would be honest and see if it were possible to swap with another day or another person. Missing clinicals is not the way to go, unless you are demonstrably sick (and then they won't let you stay), I would do everything to be there.

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    I have never missed a day of clinical yet (2 semesters down so far) but boy have I wanted to!
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    There are no excused absences in clinicals in my school. Therefore a missed clinical, whether due to illness, injury or otherwise, is a zero for that day. This can obviously, given how short the semester is, impact one's grade severely. So no. I don't skip. I worked hard to get here and work hard to stay here. Calling in for a BS reason is out of the question. If you get caught, you can get dismissed. Are you going to lie and say you are ill or are you going to tell the truth? Either way, you are playing roulette with nursing school politics. Highly discourage you from doing it. Highly. Especially at the beginning of the semester. It will taint how your instructor sees you for the rest of the term. Not good.
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    I've taken everyone's thoughts into account. I'll figure something out.

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