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  1. I am starting this thread mostly to see what you all think of group projects. I'm very frustrated right now because I am stuck with a girl in ALL of my groups and she is slacking. (Nobody wanted her in their groups. I now know why. But my group accepted her because she came up and asked us.. how were we supposed to say no?!) Big time. We have many projects and I see this girl seven days a week. Maybe I'm just tired of that. Anyway, we have three projects due by the end of the semester. All worth over 25% of the final grade. She has been making excuses as to why her part never gets finished. We also have to schedule around her schedule as her boyfriend is more important than school. Frustrating. I'm tired of holding the team together. I'm exhausted actually. Any thoughts or similar experiences?
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  3. by   SummitRN
    divide her work up among the other members

    or... ever seen Full Metal Jacket? The Sock and Soap Party is a great way to educate a member of your group that they need to shape up!
  4. by   justin.j
    That sounds incredibly frustrating! Have you tried addressing the issue with her directly? It's not a fun conversation, but if you and the rest of your group feel this way, it might be best to just lay it on the line in a respectful manner. I'm the same way as you. When my grade is on the line and I see someone slacking, I'll always pick up that slack. But I'm also not shy about inquiring as to why their falling behind on their part of the assignment, or I'll try to find a way to help accomplish the task without owning it. Good luck!
  5. by   Jennybrie
    I think as a group (without this individual) should talk to the instructor and let them know how this student isn't doing her share of the work. Provide specific examples of when you do get to meet "around her schedule" she still does not produce the work that was required of her. I doubt the instructor will take her out of the group but bringing it to their attention will perhaps change how group projects are assigned or graded. Good luck!!!
  6. by   HouTx
    Sorry I don't have any words of wisdom for this situation, but I do want to reassure everyone that the whole "group" thing gets easier with higher levels of education -- at least in my own experience. By the time I was in grad school for my MSN, all my fellow students pretty much knew the group project drill, including how to divvy up the work and exactly what to expect. We had very explicit ground rules (in writing) that outlined exactly what each group member's responsibility was & the consequences for not delivering. My doctoral groups went even farther... by then, we had sufficient confidence in each others' ability to just allocate the work and do it individually.. only "meeting" virtually when absolutely necessary.

    Best hint ever? Always 'group' with the uber-achievers. By the second meeting, they will have not only completed their work but will also have resources (and possibly first drafts) of everyone else's part also -- with PowerPoints!!! LOL.
  7. by   LVN/RNBridge
    Quote from SummitAP
    divide her work up among the other members

    or... ever seen Full Metal Jacket? The Sock and Soap Party is a great way to educate a member of your group that they need to shape up!

    LOL!!!!! Full Metal Jacket sock and soap may be a bit extreme, but it would most certainly gain her attention.
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  9. by   KelRN215
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    My thoughts exactly. Group projects have been the bain of my existence since about the 4th grade.
  10. by   jennaroo
    Quote from SummitAP
    divide her work up among the other members

    or... ever seen Full Metal Jacket? The Sock and Soap Party is a great way to educate a member of your group that they need to shape up!
    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!! This cracks me up!!!!!!
  11. by   QuarterLife88
    Quote from brillohead
    Perfect. Only I would make the section "group skills" a little bit smaller, and "how much I hate other people" a lot larger.

    My last group project cost me an A- in the class because the overconfident a$$wipe of the group who thinks he knows everything (one of those) decided to be unavailable at every turn, and then when it came to the presentation, even though he hadn't bothered to prepare or (read the section in the book apparently), thought it would be a good idea for him to present. Well it flopped our grade.

    /still bitter.
  12. by   NICU:)
    LOL.. Thanks for the advice guys. I have addressed her personally because I also work with her. I got her a job at the end of last semester because she was having a hard time finding one. Well, now my bosses joke with me about my reference because she isn't the greatest employee either. She is late for every shift there too. She has recently started calling me "stupid" because I go home and study after work instead of partying. The last project that was due we missed points for her references and her "professional attire" for our presentation. I didn't think that I would need to babysit, but here I am. I'm just tired. I asked her the other day why she feels the need to not participate as much as everyone else and she said "I thought that I do contribute." (I thought, "yeah, so my stress levels.") We have set deadlines. The one project that I am taking upon myself we set a deadline for a month ago. (haha... yyyyeeeaahhh- it's that bad) I hope that this clears up. Until then, I thank you for letting me vent and know that I am not the only one.
  13. by   turnforthenurse
    And this is exactly why I hated group projects in school. There was always "that one person" who would slack off and not do their portion of the work required. If speaking with her doesn't help, talk with your instructor. And try to avoid having her in your group in the future.

    For my group projects we always had a chance to critique each other and that was submitted to our instructor. That played a factor in our individual score in the group.

    Group projects are supposed to teach you how to work with others because nursing is a team effort...but from my experience, team effort in nursing on the floor is much better than a school assignment!
  14. by   AKreader
    If talking with her isn't helping, you absolutely must talk to your instructor. If she isn't doing the work, she shouldn't get the credit nor the grade. May sound harsh but maybe it will be a wake up call when the group gets an A and she fails the project.