Graduating Class of 2012 - Shout Out Here!!

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    Who's graduating anytime in 2012? LPN, ADN, BSN, MSN, DNP ... any nursing degree. Give a shout out on this thread!

    9 days until graduation for me with my accelerated BSN!!

    Congratulations to everyone!
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    Holla!! And congrats to you too!
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    11 days til pinning and 12 til graduation!! yippeeeee
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    Pinning and Graduation on Monday! So excited!
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    I graduated CNA 2 --- but I guess that doesn't count! lol I'll be starting ADN in August.

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    1 day until pinning and 2 days until graduation!!!!

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    I will (knock on wood) be graduating with an AAS in December. I'm throwing a graduation/end-of-the-world party.
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    Pinning & Graduation in 9 days. HOLY ******** i cant believe its that close!!!.

    this is one tired Student Nurse, Ready to get the F out of school.
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    December 14, 2012 with my BSN! 2 weeks to go till summer break, then ONE SEMESTER LEFT! Booyah! LOL
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    December 15th 2012, can't wait!
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