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Who's graduating anytime in 2012? LPN, ADN, BSN, MSN, DNP ... any nursing degree. Give a shout out on this thread! 9 days until graduation for me with my accelerated BSN!! :dance: Congratulations to everyone!... Read More

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    Final in three hours, pinning in 8 days!

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    I will graduate December 15, 2012 with my BSN!
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    May 17th is pinning
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    BSN October 26,2012! 5 months to go!!!
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    December, baby!
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    August 2nd, 81 days and counting!!!!!
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    I just walked the stage and got pinned yesterday for my ADN!! Woo HOO 2012 Nurse graduates!! Now on to find a job!! Seems to be harder than I thought! lol
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    Pinned Sat (on my b-day) and grad tonight!!!!!
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    No pinning...graduation in 1 day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats to you all- my program is SOOOOOOO hard- I am extremely glad to be done with this stage so I can begin working on my next degree.

    We are all awesome- best wishes to all the nursing 2012 grads!

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