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TmC1999 has 4 years experience and specializes in PCU, ICU.

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  1. RN Salary in Dallas, Texas (2017)

    Hello everyone, I know this is an older thread but I am moving back to texas in a month. I have had an interview and job offer from Baylor starting pay 31.37/hr $3 dollar evening, $5.00 nights and $6.00 weekends for the Float Pool. I have interview ...
  2. Swedish Hospital

    Thank you for the information.
  3. Seattle's UWMC/Swedish Nursing Residency 2016

    Just wondering, I recieved an offer yesterday and I am supposed to hear from pre boarding and relocation assistant has anyone got an Idea on how the relocation assistance works?
  4. Swedish Hospital

    Okay well I got the job! :) So Excited, waiting for the pre-boarding information and the relocation specialist to contact me, never had relocation assistance before anyone able to give me a quick heads up on what they do?? More specifically what Swed...
  5. Swedish Hospital

    Hello everyone, I just had my HR interview today and I am scheduled to have interview with Hiring Manager tomorrow. I am so excited as I have wanted to move to Washington for the longest time. Any tips for the interview tomorrow, this is a phone int...
  6. Panama City or Pensacola area

    Hello, I currently work for Select Specialty in Columbus Ohio and I have noticed that there is it Select Specialty and either one of these cities and I'm willing to relocate down to that area with my teenage daughter. has anyone down there worked ...
  7. Lying to new clients!?

    Hello, I just moved to Ohio and obtained a new position at a Home Health agency, I've never worked home health before and they are trying to get a new client who is allergic to animals, they want me to talk to her on the phone and to tell this client...

    Its official I passed soooo excited :)

    75 questions.....4 SATA 1 drag and drop 3 math and 2 pics later I got good pop-up all just over an hour. :)

    Starting to panic LOL took two days to do Kaplan test 7 I got a 57. I barely could pay attention this is the lowest of all 7. LOL so ready for this to be over with.

    Mine is also tomorrow I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. Gl to everyone. :-)
  12. NCLEX June 26th

    I graduated May 12th and received my ATT May 30th and here it is June 10th and I'm having trouble sitting down and studying. I've done the Hurst review and read somewhat over the book again and have done two Q reviews got 80 out of 125 and 88 out of ...
  13. Graduating Class of 2012 - Shout Out Here!!

    I just walked the stage and got pinned yesterday for my ADN!! Woo HOO 2012 Nurse graduates!! :) Now on to find a job!! Seems to be harder than I thought! lol
  14. Starting OB Clinical

    I started mine yesterday, as soon as I walked on floor I got to see a delivery it was awesome!!! I almost got to see another one before I left for the night!! This is also what I want to do when I graduate. :) Hope you have a good clinical!
  15. Fall 2011, what's your schedule?

    Mon 1-5 Med Surge 2 Wens 6:30 - 6:30 Clinical Tue and Thur I threw in a water aerobics class to get my PE credit towards my BSN. :) Oh and did I mention all that together is only 8 hours sucks! 2 Semester left! :)