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hello fellow students ~ i have a story that you probably havenít heardÖ and on this board you hear a lot. :) iím in block 1Ö three weeks in to be exact. i have no kids or hubby/bf to juggle. i have no employer to please. i... Read More

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    I didn't have any experience before nursing school and I get really good grades and haven't failed a checkoff yet. Here's how I organize:

    1) I have a binder for each class. For instance, when I was in Fundamentals, I had one binder that I shared for both class and lab and also had those little dividers to split them up into categories. So, under my class tab I had: Class handouts, my notes and the instructor's powerpoints. Under lab I had: 2 copies of the checkoff sheets (you never know when you'll need another one) and anything else they decided to handout in lab.

    2) As for studying, while I read the chapters for that week, I would take notes and then compare them to my instructor's powerpoints (which she refused to post until after her lecture).

    After I was done with the test on the material, I would file away everything at home as well and start all over for the new test. That way, I wasn't carrying around unnecessary papers. Don't throw them away though, you will probably need to review them for the comprehensive final at the end of class.

    And please, please, please, don't spend a ton of time getting organized when that time could be better spent on studying. Good luck to you! This nursing school creature takes some time getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, you will do fine! Good luck and just remember to breath!