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  1. SAHMStudent

    Dont wanna be a floor nurse..

    Many non-bedside nursing positions posted (from what I've seen in my area) in public health or case management or even school nursing require a BSN/MSN.....OR one year experience in exchange for those higher degrees. Stick with it longer than 6 months. Just get that 6 month mark out of your mind and expand it to at least a year. Sign up for any and all free education your facility is offering, ACLS, PALS, etc, and get those certifications. If it's not really where you want to be, you'lll be able to apply for new areas with a clear conscience, and department directors will take you seriously. Jumping after two months will make them wonder if you would do the same to them after such a short time.
  2. SAHMStudent

    Should I stay or should I go? I don't know.

    No kids? go for it. Especially if this job opportunity for him could lead to more relocation. If you give up your dream job for his, and he gets another job offer to move again, you'll really start resenting your missed opportunities. As a mom and wife, and newish nurse, the most stressful part of my job is that I feel behind. I haven't been able to devote more of my time to my job to really be the nurse I want to be right now. I read up on at least one thing post shift, but not realllly get into it, because it's time to pick up my daughter, cook dinner. I sleep less, work out less, and am less balanced overall. Some in my cohort pick up 2-3 extra shifts a week! I'd like to do that too- that's not just extra money, it's extra experience. I can't do 3 shifts in a row; my family hates that. But you could do a S-M-T, go see hubs, and have almost a week for travel and visiting before you have to go back to work the following TH-F-Sat. Important to make sure you explore the new dream city though. If that will be your home base after your contract is up you don't want to feel like a stranger, while your DH is over the "newness" of his home for the last 2-3 years. GL!
  3. SAHMStudent

    Nursing students...I can't believe...

    OP, I was you in nursing school. After a year in a very busy trauma/ICU I find myself thinking about going back to school. NOT because I cannot handle the workload, but because I feel very disconnected from my original nursing goals. I am really leaning towards public health nursing; many of my patients who are not traumas could have really benefitted from education and in-community services before they ended up with us. Public health nursing jobs want BSNs, MSNs or MHAs. So my high horse is on it's knees- floor nursing helped me, but it's not my be all, end all.
  4. SAHMStudent

    Filipino employees sue due to English-only targeting

    Having worked with a number of different immigrant groups in my previous career, and having many immigrant groups in NS I personally feel very comfortable with multiple ethnicities working together. I do however, feel UNcomfortable when I am working with someone, and they are speaking another language. That's it. It boils down to feeling left out, and as though I'm missing something. I have no problem with people speaking their own language on breaks; I imagine it's a "breather" of sorts to be able to use your native tongue and not have to make an additional effort to speak English. I also understand that sometimes people "slip" and get going and end up speaking their first language. I am okay too, with people who use a word or two in their first language because there either isn't a word for what they want to say in English, or it just doesn't give them the right feeling, or expression. But when a group of coworkers are together, I think it's only fair to have all of them speak the same language. But think about this: what if you are working with two Spanish speakers, 3 Filipino's and one Haitian. You are the only Eng. as first language speaker- what language SHOULD you speak? You are not the majority now, so who are you to say speak English? Bottom line for me is that if everyone can speak one language, but only some can speak another language, the polite and professional course of action is to all speak the language everyone can understand.
  5. MA= Medical Assistant CNA= Certified Nursing Assistant LPN/LVN= Licensed Practical Nurse/Licensed (Vocational?) Nurse; East Coast is LPN, West Coast and Midwest is LVN (so I understand) PA= Physicians Assistant- Not related to a nurse. ASN/ADN= Associate of Science Degree in Nursing/ Associate Degree of Nursing (same thing- usually two year degree from a community college) BSN= Bachelors of Science in Nursing (may be some variation of the full name depending on school? this is a four year school) to add, there are even options for people with Bachelors degree in other fields, who once they complete the pre-reqs, can take an accelerated program that affords them a BSN in a little under two years. Once you have a degree, BSN, ASN, MSN (Masters....) you retain that degree. HOWever, you can still lose your RN if you lose your licensure. In the states, ASN and BSN prepared nurses both take the same NCLEX. The designation of RN comes with passing your boards and obtaining and maintaing your licensure. At a seminar I attended, one of the speakers referred to anyone who does not have their RN as NAN's "Not A Nurse". There is a great, raging debate (check these boards) for ASN vs. BSN here in the States. Some states are taking steps to make BSN entry level for nursing in their state. Obviously, some community colleges and ASN prepared nurses are not happy about this. Bottom line in the US, anyone who has achieved their ASN, BSN, MSN and sits and passes the boards is an RN. HTH.
  6. SAHMStudent

    Open houses...Help!

    Okay, so I'm pretty social, and can talk to anyone, about anything. I am fine in any social situation. I have never attended a professional open house, and am nervous. I am a new grad, and I really want a job- especially with this hospital. Who do I zero in on? What do I say? What do I NOT say? How many copies of my resume? And do I have the cajones to walk down the hall and find the ER manager and hand her my resume if she is there? And if she's not there, do I leave it- and trust it will get into her hands? Or is that gauche and incorrect? Help!
  7. One of my best girlfriends hubby just finished his MHA- she says he is getting so many offers he feels like a hot girl at a bar! Employers that had previously not returned calls are now calling HIM. He loves the field of work, and had zero prior healthcare experience. She says that just having that MHA on his resume opened up doors previously not available to him. He is in the northeast, so don't know if that is a factor in the job market or not. HTH.
  8. SAHMStudent

    Plagiarism - Do You Copy That?

    Turnitin is a database of papers written by students (in HS and College I know for sure), as well as other works accessible on the internet. A selling point for the company is that they have such a vast database. If you write a paper for a class, and turn it in to your professor, they then submit it to Turnitin (or you might do it yourself). The program scans your paper, and gives you a score based on the words and phrases you wrote. The technology is similar to that of Google. It reads the words typed, and matches it with other words and phrases in either identical order, or a very close approximation. The higher the score, the more your paper matches other works in their database. A score of 100% means your paper is a straight up copy of another. The lower your score, the less your paper resembles anything in their database. The works that match yours will have a link, and references, so you can see what your paper is matched against. I personally usually score in the low teens, but have gotten as high as a 30% (on an opinion paper, with no quotes and no references of all things!)- so bear in mind that even if you are honest you may still have some matches. Each professor or school may have different standards; some say anything more than 35% is a copy, others may go higher or lower. And if you think about the English language,the recurrence of words and phrases in certain order and the fact that humans are all basically creatures of habit, odds are strongly in favor of matches. As another poster already said, medical papers (and any other specialty I would say) will have a higher rating of being similar, as there are only so many ways to describe the etiology and physiology of coagulation or wound healing for example. My personal objection is that every time I submit a paper to Turnitin, it builds their database. Okay, so maybe 1-5 papers per class each semster might not seem like a big deal, but I worked on those papers, did the research, did the writing and editing and as far as I'm concerned they are my intellectual property. I have never signed any releases allowing my personal property to be used for their financial gain. Each semester I sign a release to allow photographs of myslef to be taken and used for the college brochures -never happened, not model material I guess but nothing for Turnitin. Now, as a student at a school that uses Turnitin, my very paying of tuition and agreeing to abide by the terms of the college may have negated any rights I have in that regard. I have yet to see any such documentation and specific rules or regs mentioning this type of technology. I have read my handbook cover to cover, and asked various admin. personnel, and still cannot get a clear answer on my rights. Obviously, if I objected so strongly, I could decline to utilize Turnitin, but I then run the risk and consequences of failing the course or being dropped from the program for not completing an assignment. Of course, this whole thing maks me hate cheaters even more. Thanks jerks, for creating an entire industry designed to catch your sorry selves red-handed. If anyone has a better description, or feels differently than I, I'd love to hear it. I've been disgusted about this for years, and am open to having my mind changed.
  9. SAHMStudent

    Plagiarism - Do You Copy That?

    I dislike Turnitin for the very reason that they are building their vast database with my original works, and using their large numbers of papers as a selling point. I NEVER authorized any such thing directly with Turnitin, nor does my college have any paperwork or releases signed by me authorizing the college to utilize Turnitin using my papers. But my anger at cheaters overrides the bad taste in my mouth left by my professors using Turnitin. I laugh at the beginning of each semester, as professor after professor outlines the college's zero-tolerance on cheating, and the professors own feelings on cheating. I scoff as the professor discusses the concept that nursing school cheater= killer in the field. I have personally turned in cheaters, signed statements, and had discussions with professors about cheating students. Not a single student has ever recieved a failing grade, or has been kicked out of a class, or out of the program. So I am ever more disgusted with the fact that Turnitin profits while students continue to cheat, and nothing ever changes. And I am suspicious of the people I got to school with, and wonder if they'll be my coworker, or my family members nurse one day. For the poster that mentioned Craigslist..yikes! I never would have thought about stuff like that.
  10. SAHMStudent

    What CPR is best?

    Hmmm....ok I have basic for healthcare providers as required by my school, but was thinking that I could save myself some time when I graduate by renewing now. I thought that I could sub in ACLS for healthcare providers instead of the BLS for healthcare providers. Thanks for letting me know I need both. I think I will try the ACLS with my husband. He just retired (FF) but wants to keep up his skills depending on his next career path. He has FF buddies who teach AHA BLS and ACLS so I think they will work on my schedule. Thanks for the quick replies!
  11. SAHMStudent

    What CPR is best?

    Thanks for the heads up. I would have thought the advanced replace the basic.
  12. SAHMStudent

    What CPR is best?

    I need to renew my CPR (expires in Jan) and I am wondering which one is best. I understand that some ER's will give you on the job ACLS or PALS, but if I can do it on my own this summer I will. Will having an advanced life support certification be any kind of a leg, a toe? up?
  13. SAHMStudent

    Interested in the VA

    The time lag actually works for my time line (want to increase my family) so I have no problem with the slow grind of govt. paperwork. But that brings up my second question; Better to be in a civilian job first and get that experience, or just go straight to VA? And does the experience with the VA transfer if I want to change specialities? And another; (and this might be totally dumb) is there any emergency or trauma facilities for the VA? This is another area of interest of mine.
  14. SAHMStudent

    Interested in the VA

    Thanks! Why couldn't I find that? Grrr...is this part of a test to see if you're smart enough to be hired? :)
  15. SAHMStudent

    Interested in the VA

    Hi, I'm looking for more information about opportunitie in the VA. I have tried looking on their website, but am confused as to what the titles mean (I understand what a clinic is of course and a hospital, but "intake center"?) anyone able to help with some navigation? I also looked on the fed jobs website and can't find any nurse listings. I did read the sticky above, but there was very little about the VA. Anyone in the MD/D.C. area would be especially helpful.
  16. SAHMStudent

    A quiz to help you choose your nursing specialty...

    I wonder how many of the "matches" are made because the quiz taker already has an area in mind, and is either subconsciously or consciously thinking about that area while answering questions. The first time I took it, in my minds eye, I was picturing an ER I've done rotations in. Emergency medicine was one of my top choices... the next time I took it, I tried to be unbiased, and EM came up, but further down the line than the first time. But Hematology came up in the top 3 both times. That's a new one.