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    So I had my third check off today; medication administration and I failed. I have to do recheck next week but its killing me and I'm so upset. My scenario was I gave my 0730 meds and then instructor said to give 0900 meds and well because I didn't physically leave the room my mind didn't think I left and I forgot to ID the patient. Ugh!!! Anyone else fail check offs? How'd you get through it and not beat yourself up!!

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    I got lucky and didn't fail any checks offs, but had to start from the very beginning. I almost failed medication administration if I hadn't immediately remembered to document time, location, dose, and medication given and signed it off. I did the worst with maintaining a sterile field. It made me rage as I had to start over nearly 10x before I was able to do it perfectly. The little details get you, haha.

    If you have the opportunity to practice more with your clinical skills instructor, do it! Good luck! You got this!
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    Practice makes perfect. I had issues with my med admin check off too but we had partners who could correct us. I was so nervous and I can't think when I'm nervous. I forgot to ID my patient as well but my partner caught it. So, never forget the basics I guess!
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    Thanks. My goal was not to fail and then I did. Just discouraged about it but I guess just practice and practice. Unfortunately our instructors don't give us much time other than class/lab time so I will find a partner to critique me!
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    talk out loud the whole time! i found that it actually helped me to run through the steps out loud. I didnt even care if I looked ridiculous. to this day I will talk out the steps in my head while taking care of my patient
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    It's OK. I really never 'passed' making an occupied bed - srsly. Never did master it, despite years of tutorials from amused/frustrated CNAs. In real life, I always opt to use a lift to get it right and avoid aggravating the patient.

    It seems like you knew the steps, but failed to take into account that you had to 'start from scratch' as if you had just entered the patient's room. Understandable. I'm sure you won't do it again. No normal human being can avoid becoming nervous if a 'judge' is watching the performance over your shoulder.
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    I didn't fail injections, but I failed the sites for IM injections. I should have studied and didn't. I got nervous. It happens. Just use it as a learning tool.

    I had a phlebotomy check off yesterday. Was doing great, but didn't get a blood return in the vial. Whoops. Last semester this would have seriously thrown me. This semester, I explained that I needed to try to find another vein, and rocked it out.
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    I failed oral meds. I cried, got over it. And went back and passed.

    . Go back. Practice. And pass. We all have minor set backs. Don't let this little one derail you.
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    Thanks to everyone. I talked with instructor and she said it was a silly mistake. So I'm running through it over and over in my head. I will apparently just have to give one med and then do another time med. And trust me I will not forget. Lol. Vital signs tomorrow...ehp!!! Thanks again.
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    I failed my Ventrogluteal yesterday because i was so nervous, i forgot my gloves:/ a week is a long time to wait, i felt like a failure, but i will never forget my gloves again

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