Ebooks in Nursing School?

  1. Hello all! Nursing school starts in a month and the school hasn't sent out acceptance letters yet, but I'm trying to be hopeful and prepare just in case--that's a lot of money to spend if you haven't budgeted for it ahead of time!

    Has anyone used ebooks instead of regular hard-copy textbooks in nursing school? This wasn't an option when I was in college the first time, so I don't know anyone personally who has used them in lieu of regular books. I have a kindle, but I worry about it being more difficult to navigate in class or when studying, and I don't know if I would prefer to have a book that I can quickly flip through or not. I'm attracted to the fact that ebooks are cheaper though! I love my kindle, but I know page numbers will show up differently on my small screen as opposed to a large textbook, etc. Any suggestions or comments about your experience? Any advice is appreciated!
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  3. by   Servingshots
    I have an ebook that came with one of my hard copies and I dont really care for it, but thats just my opinion. Its absolutly annoying to have to scroll and zoom and use an electronic highlighter. I would try one before buying all of your books in that format. HTH!
  4. by   mangopeach
    I have been using ebooks for a while now. Loved them while I was doing Pre-Reqs. Not so much for nursing school. Yeah, it saves you money but the amount of time you spend studying in nursing school is so much more than pre-reqs that staring at the computer screen for a gazillion hours is starting to bother me. I will be getting my eyes tested after the semester is over! I love the convenience of not having to bring heavy textbooks but @ this point I would much rather a hard copy than an ebook when it comes to studyng for nursing.
  5. by   mom2ccg
    I just recently bought a color nook and purchased a drug guide in ebook format. I've been playing around with it trying to get used to it. I am planning on buying a medical dictionary and care plan guide as well. I thought this would be a good way to have all my reference books at my fingertips without the extra bundle. I can also download these books to my pc. I'll let you know how it works out. Nursing school starts in a month.
  6. by   princsheather
    All of my fun books I get on my Nook and I love it. But for textbooks I prefer to have it in front of my face. Its all personal preference though.
  7. by   BelleNscrubs04
    I'm trying to get as many books as possible in an e-book format. I study away from home a lot so for me it is MUCH better to only have to tote my IPad. I don't like reading on a regular computer screen but a tablet, or an e-reader works great for me. I can take advantage of those "found moments" to study too. Such as the car line waiting to pick up my son from school, & at his swim practice. It's also more convenient for studying while I walk for exercise. I haven't saved more than 10% on book prices though.
  8. by   want2banurse35
    We have the e-books that come with the bundle ONLY if you buy it from the bookstore. But the mark-up is ridiculous. I do not like online books. I can't pay attention to them. I need the book in front of me.
  9. by   szeles23
    Our bookstore offers our fundamentals 8 book series in e-book format, and its about $60 cheaper than the physical books. I used an e book for a statistics class once and it was a nightmare. I need a physical book. But I am getting the davis drug guide app for my droid, as part of the nursing central app, it includes a medical dictionary and stuff too. For my main textbooks I think I will just stay with a real book.
  10. by   starz_girl_1
    I too wonder about these ebooks. They sound great, cost a tad bit less, and end up easy to have handy, BUT I just don't know about the glare and such.... So used to the actual book.......
  11. by   Despareux
    I use both the hard copy and the ebook. I use my books to read/study from and use my ebooks for locating information quickly, which cut down a lot of time looking up information for my care plans and papers.
  12. by   MySonIsAdorable
    doing what the last posted said sounds reasonable...I was considering getting an e-book & downloading things such as my drug guide, lab guide, and taber's to. Just so that I can take them to clinicals with me but my instructor said no because it has internet on it, so I'm looking for one without internet, not sure that is possible lol.

    If it was either or, I would choose the hard copy because what if for some reason the e-book doesn't work? What if you lose it or its stolen? You'll be using them a lot. I highlight & sometimes write in my books so I'm not sure if an e-book can allow you to write in it. We aren't allowed any laptops (until last semester), phones, ipads, anything with communication options inside our building or clinical's so I would ask first?
  13. by   JeanettePNP
    It was useful if I needed to look something up in the textbook during class because I did not shlep heavy textbooks back and forth to school every day. But for studying at home, using a paper textbook wins hands down.
  14. by   mpihl
    I use ebooks whenever I can for my nursing classes (there is not many available though). I use coursesmart.com for my ebooks though that way I can still go and print off as many pages as I want to and so I have it on my computer, phone, etc...