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I am a single mother of an "adorable" little 3 year old boy! I love to help others and encourage them. Sometimes need it for myself, but I have a serve others type personality vs a selfserve one.

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  1. When do you give long & short lasting insulin?

    With every doctor and every patient the orders are different. Sometimes you will use your nursing judgement, say a person who has a sliding scale and routine insulin and the pt has 68mg/dL the sliding scale certainly wouldn't prompt for the insulin a...
  2. How I started to love my career...

    Beautiful story!
  3. So, Im a brand new Nurse, Help!

    I was where you are about 3 weeks ago, I got 2 days of orientation, that were at the very best weak 2 days. The nurse had no pleasure in showing me the ropes lol. I busted my butt*, did everything that I could & ask questions, listen in where I ...
  4. What is the starting salary for nursing home LPN/LVMs?

    Texas, $17/hr but I know some that got started elsewhere at $20/hr, some as low as $15/hr.
  5. New nurse, 11p-7a float on LTC, Dementia and Skilled.

    Also you probably need to know about the PRNs, the most common PRN in my SNF unit is ativan, restoril, and morphine. With the antipsychotic, antidepressants, ect there are many scary side effects & will need to be monitored. Make sure that you ch...
  6. Chicken pox

    Just now reading this because my son has the chicken pox. And yes he was vaccinated. His pediatrician told me that (which is what I assumed after researching it before I decided to call it in for an appt.) when a child actually gets the chicken pox a...
  7. Future Shortage in Bedside Nurses

    I am an LVN who is going for her BSN in the near future. All I have ever wanted is to work on the floor! I want to be there, helping people hands on for the rest of my career. Sure I have thought of specialties like pedi oncology for tops, and any cr...
  8. Starting Pay for New Nurses in Texas...need help!!!

    Think you made the right choice, you know you can find apartments that are pretty nice for around $800 per month, which you will be able to afford on that salary. I am an LVN trying to move to the area, going for my RN and let me tell you, that's all...
  9. LTC or Addictions?

    Okay I have decided to take the LTC care job. I worked yesterday and although it was clear that the CNA's are in a bad habit of not listening...I have been told that I can write them up and they have plenty of applications to go through if they conti...
  10. What malpractice insurance do you use?

    Thank you! Now I just have two companies to decided from. :yelclap:
  11. What malpractice insurance do you use?

    I know I am a little nervous and want to dot all my I's and cross my T's. I did find some others that I have actually seen before! So I did a bit of oh man I should have done that first sorry! Where are the go to stickies I seem to be skipping over ...
  12. Applying for a job in a different state- should I move before or after?

    I don't think you should move first unless you have another reason for moving. Because you don't know which state you will choose yet and what city either. Texas for instance is where I live and its HUGE and the bigger cities are pretty far apart fro...
  13. LTC or Addictions?

    I am a new LVN. No experience who's long term goal is to be an NP with trauma in mind. I am in a decently rural area with only small hospitals within 60 miles. I would like to work at one of those hospitals in the future but nothing is open right no...
  14. Stupid q's: Has smoking cigarettes kept you from getting a job?

    Yeah I have run into this. I am actually trying to quit just passed my nclex so I know I need to quit now, excuse after excuse I give myself, nursing school, nclex, what next? a new job...gotta do it soon. I went to 2 nursing homes that wont allow sm...
  15. Tired of Hearing the One Year Experience Required Line!!

    Hope is there! Have you tried your local workforce if you have one? I spent at least 6 hours a day applying places, and the eagerness I suppose got me a few job offers. Don't give up on yourself, if anyone says "one year experience" say "I know that ...

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